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90 Day Fiance: Is Angela Deem charging too much on Cameo? Check out the high price tag

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? star Angela Deem.
90 Day Fiance fans wonder if Angela Deem is charging too much on Cameo. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? star Angela Deem is a familiar face to longtime franchise fans. The 55-year-old’s outspoken and often abrasive personality has left franchise fans polarized from the beginning.

Thanks to her soaring popularity, Angela opted to begin making videos on Cameo, the popular app where fans can pay for personalized videos from their favorite celebrities.

Although Angela isn’t the only 90 Day Fiance personality to offer videos on Cameo, some fans have questioned her hefty price tag.

Fans wonder if Angela is charging too much on Cameo

Over on a Reddit thread, a fan questioned Angela’s pricing for her videos.

125$!? Are you kidding me?!” they questioned in reference to the cost of a personalized video from the TLC star.

Many fans seemed to be in agreement that the cost was steep considering that the 90 Day Fiance “‘fame’ is in a very small bubble.

One fan commented, “lol that’s my favorite thing about 90[Day Fiance] stars. They all think they’re real celebrities when in actuality their ‘fame’ is in a very small bubble. (And most of the time they aren’t even liked, they’re mocked.)”

Reddit comment about Angela Deem's Cameo price tag.
Pic credit: @u/tmlnson/Reddit

Another converted the amount into Canadian dollars (approximately $200) and indicated that they have “a hell of a lot of better things to spend my hard earned cash on.”

It also seems that Angela’s price tag in comparison to other 90 Day Fiance stars is something others aren’t comfortable with paying.

“I thought the $35 I paid for Zied was kind of pushing it, I would never pay this lol,” wrote a fan.

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Reddit comment about Angela Deem's Cameo price tag.
Pic credit: @u/marleezy123/Reddit

Yet another fan stated that Angela is going about it all wrong. They suggested that if she really wanted to rake in the money, she should consider lowering her price, therefore allowing more people to buy her videos.

Other fans point out that her five star reviews state otherwise

Although many seem to believe that Angela is over charging for her videos and exploiting fame that she doesn’t actually possess, there are others who are rooting for her and point out that the TLC star has plenty of happy fans who have left her five star reviews.

“597 reviews already. If the demand is there, take advantage of it [flexing arm emoji]. Grab that check while it last[s],” a user commented.

Reddit comment about Angela Deem's Cameo price tag.
Pic credit: @u/IDIOT_Stonk_trader/Reddit

Another Reddit user jumped in with some quick math proving that the current price of $125 is currently working in Angela’s favor. They noted that with almost 600 reviews at $125, Angela would bring in almost $75,000 of profit.

Regardless of if you love her or hate her, it’s clear that Angela has the fanbase to support a higher price tag on Cameo. Not to mention, a fan left an offer to donate their eggs to the star as an expression of gratitude after receiving a video from Angela, proving that there’s plenty of support for her.

90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After? airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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  1. This woman a “star”???? People are suffering from pandemic brain fog. I wouldn’t pay 2 cents to see this hag’s videos. Has everyone gone crazy?

  2. Seriously would you want this woman in your home, near your children or pets? News reports show that her daughter has been charged with sexual assault of a child “Scottie Deem is Angela’s other daughter. Though Scottie has also appeared on 90 Day Fiance, she went on to plead guilty to child molestation, and was sentenced to three 20 year sentences to be served concurrently.”.! These are not people to be revered. Who spends that kind of dough on junk…..well i guess some do.


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