90 Day Fiance: Hamza Moknii sad that he’s going to miss his daughter’s first birthday

Hamza Moknii won't be reunited with his daughter for her first birthday.
Hamza Moknii reveals he won’t be present for his daughter’s birthday. Pic credit: TLC

Hamza Moknii has been open about the struggles he’s going through to see the daughter he shares with Memphis Smith.

The 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days stars are now separated after a short-lived marriage that produced one child.

Memphis stated that she became pregnant during her visit to Tunisia, where she and Hamza met in person for the first time.

Hamza missed the birth of his daughter since he wasn’t in America at the time. However, just weeks later, he was able to bond with her once he made the move to Michigan, where Memphis lives.

Unfortunately, their happiness was short-lived. Memphis and Hamza called it quits on their marriage only months after their daughter’s birth.

Since then, Hamza has revealed that his estranged wife has prevented him from seeing his daughter. And now, it seems he will miss out on celebrating her first birthday.

Hamza Moknii will miss his daughter’s birthday

As a new month rolled around, Hamza shared that his daughter’s first birthday was on the horizon. He also revealed that he would not be with her to celebrate the exciting milestone.

In a post on Instagram, Hamza wrote, “Me & My Daughter’s Birthday are in the same Month of October. She will be turning 1. This will be her first Birthday.”

He goes on to say, “I don’t know when I will see her. I hope to see my Daughter soon. Everyday is a day I am missing with her.”

Hamza Moknii shares that he is still separated from his daughter and will miss her first birthday.
Pic credit: @hamza90day/Instagram

Currently, Hamza is living in Chicago while his daughter remains in Michigan with Memphis. He has continued to be vocal about his desire to travel to see his daughter again.

He has been vague about all the reasons why they have remained separated but has accused Memphis of keeping their child away from him. Despite the accusations, Memphis has not spoken publicly about the couple’s custody arrangement.

Hamza Monkii continues to fight to see his daughter

Not long ago, Hamza shared that he was hopeful about being reunited with his daughter soon. He mentioned learning about laws and rights he has as a parent that he hopes will make his situation better.

With his recent post, it appears there has been a delay in how soon he will get to be with his child. And perhaps his situation is not as black and white as he believes it is.

Although he has been criticized for moving to another state, Hamza continues to claim that Memphis is the reason he is not able to be with their child. He says the separation is breaking his heart, but he will continue to work towards being present in his child’s life.

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days is currently on hiatus.

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1 year ago

I feel bad for him. He was young and too innocent to marry Memphis who obviously has mental issues. She needs to figure out what is wrong with her before being in a relationship especially with someone as innocent as he is.

1 year ago

They are 1 of my favorite couples of all seasons because he isn’t a pushover and he lets her and everyone know he is his own man and allows her to be the lady she is meant to be. They will be a happy family. I wish them the best.