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90 Day Fiance fans call Andrew ‘manipulative’ and a ‘gaslighter’ as Amira waits out quarantine in Serbia

90 Day Fiance personalities Andrew Kenton and Amira Lollysa.
90 Day Fiance personality Andrew Kenton has come under fire once again for his treatment of Amira Lollysa. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance personality Andrew Kenton has continued to rub fans the wrong way since making his debut with the franchise at the beginning of Season 8.

Andrew, and his girlfriend, Amira Lollysa, have had one of the most jaw-dropping storylines this season thanks, in part, to Amira’s detainment while travelling to Mexico to be with Andrew. The couple was hoping to find a loophole in the international travel restrictions due to the global coronavirus pandemic.

During her detainment, 90 Day Fiance fans were furious with Andrew’s inaction on her behalf. Many called him out for not even attempting to find out where she was being held. Instead, he opted to wait it out in the hotel room.

Unfortunately for Andrew, he hasn’t managed to redeem himself in the eyes of 90 Day Fiance fans. In fact, if it’s possible, he’s shed himself in an even worse light during recent episodes that have left fans wondering what kind of man he is off-camera.

Andrew suggested new plan after failed Mexico loophole

When Andrew and Amira agreed to meet in Mexico, where they would quarantine before attempting to travel back to the U.S., it came as a shock to fans when Amira was detained in Mexico City and ultimately deported back to France.

As if her deportation wasn’t shocking enough, it was Andrew’s reaction to her deportation, and his decision to remain in Mexico to enjoy the rest of the trip, that shocked fans most.

After the fallout of the trip, Andrew concocted yet another plan that would see Amira traveling to Serbia in an attempt to find yet another loophole that would get her to the U.S. so the couple could wed prior to the expiration of her K-1 visa.

The couple discussed the plan during a FaceTime call. Andrew pressed Amira to agree to make the trip to Serbia, but Amira was fearful that she could contract COVID-19. During a confessional with producers, Amira confessed that she wouldn’t travel to Serbia if Andrew wasn’t pushing her.

“If Andrew were to tell me it’s fine if we lose the visa and I want you safe most of all, then I would be fine, you know. I would not even consider Serbia,” she said.

Ultimately, Amira agreed to travel and quarantine in Serbia.

90 Day Fiance fans accuse Andrew of gaslighting and call him a ‘manipulator’

Andrew has received plenty of criticism from 90 Day Fiance fans on social media for his treatment of Amira. Many accused him of being manipulative and gaslighting Amira by twisting conversations to insinuate that all their problems were her fault.

“Andrew makes me want to throw something at my t.v. He’s such a fake pos. He’s trying to turn everything on Amira. He’s a toxic gaslighter,” wrote a fan.

Screenshot of tweet about Andrew and Amira.
Pic credit: @NikkiJB1975/Twitter

Some fans have also pointed out that the couple’s interactions on camera made it seem as though Andrew may act differently when the cameras are off.

“The way Amira is talking to Andrew just tells me he is so different off-camera. Definitely a gaslighter,” wrote one fan.

Another wrote, “Andrew is possibly one of the most manipulative men I’ve ever seen. His acting deserves an Oscar.”

“Andrew creeps me out beyond belief. That fake smile, Amira saying he yells & becomes angry if she doesn’t do what he wants, his manipulative voice & words. There’s not enough room on twitter for the amount of [red flag emoji]s,” yet another fan expressed.

Screenshot of tweet about Andrew and Amira.
Pic credit: @mizzspooky/Twitter

90 Day Fiance airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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  1. I was fearing she would go to him. I’m SO PROUD OF HER FOR NOT GETTING ON THE PLANE TO THE US!!! Hey if the Bachelor franchise weren’t a pile of smoking you know what (thank you Lindsey and Matt’s Mom), I’d nominate Amira as the next Bachelorette!! Andrew is disgusting. In Mexico, he was getting a massage and enjoying cocktails, but was annoyed when Amira got out of detention and was deported for answering a question the wrong way. He actually reprimanded her! Then he stayed and enjoyed the vacation!! What a s**t! I cannot believe people drop off their kids at this man’s home to have them care for them! And there is that fact that he lives at home with his mom. That does not seem to be anything that is going to change ever. I think Amira dodged a bullet, a HUGE BULLET NAMED ANDREW!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!


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