7 moments in 90 Day Fiance that started with good intentions but ended with a bad outcome

Angela, Ash, and Jesse
Here are 7 of the moments during 90 Day Fiance that ended badly Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance and its different spinoffs have been a wild ride filled with tense moments, cultural differences, awkwardness, true love, transgressions, and resentment.

Within this structure, there have been times when the participants have gone out of their way to create a nice experience with their partner only to have it backfire.

The 90 Day Fiance cast is either in new or ongoing long-distance relationships. While making a well-intended gesture and spending time together is generally a good idea, sometimes these gestures have had the opposite effect.

Some of the 90 Day Fiance participants have tried to set up surprise situations to help their partner feel more comfortable or to give them more of a glimpse into their lives, but it hasn’t always been taken well.

These couples have a lot on the line with their time together, so the pressure to have things go perfectly doesn’t always give way to the best outcomes.

Whether expectations weren’t met, the situation got misinterpreted, or things just took a turn for the worst, this list captures the times when a cast member attempted something nice but things didn’t go their way.

1. Avery attended Ash’s relationship coaching seminar

Ash intended on impressing Avery by bringing her to a relationship coaching seminar he was leading but it ended up being a disaster Pic credit TLC

Ash Naeck brought Avery Warner to his relationship coaching seminar because he wanted Avery to see what he was passionate about firsthand. Avery wanted to support him, but the seminar did not go well at all.

It started out okay as they arrived together and Avery took a seat amongst the paying female seminar attendees. Ash mingled with the different women but as soon as he opened his mouth, his rhetoric became offensive and his seminar group became combative.

He went on a big sexist rant about how women were too scattered to understand how men think, and talked about feminine energy in a harmful stereotypical way. He then drove his point home by saying that women needed men. The women in the seminar were floored and spoke out against his highly problematic claims.

Avery was startled and embarrassed by the things Ash said because she had never heard him talk like that, and expressed that she was not interested in him if those were his beliefs.

2. Jesse gave Darcey a promise ring

All Darcey wanted from Jesse was an engagement ring, so she was floored when he gave her a promise ring instead Pic credit: TLC

Jesse Meester took Darcey Silva to a romantic Dutch windmill with the intention of giving her a promise ring as a token of his love and commitment to her. However, all Darcey incessantly talked about was that she wanted an engagement ring.

Jesse made a big show out of the promise ring presentation and gave Darcey a speech before getting down on one knee, and as soon as he said promise ring Darcey became visibly disappointed, hurt, and angry.

Jesse should have known Darcey better than to make a sweeping gesture that looked like it was going to be a proposal only to bring her back down to Earth with a promise ring. Darcey did not take the situation well and it spelled the beginning of the end of their relationship.

3. Babygirl Lisa met Usman’s friend

Usman wanted Babygirl Lisa to see things from his perspective, so he brought her to meet his best friend Abba, but Lisa didn’t like anything Abba had to say Pic credit: TLC

Usman “SojaBoy” Usmar took Babygirl Lisa out to meet his best friend Abba so Lisa could understand where he was coming from more. Usman has told Abba beforehand that Lisa is a very jealous and controlling person and that she was trying to fight off his female fans, so Abba tried to get Lisa to understand that that behavior hurts his music career and is bad for business.

Usman’s friend said that his videos would get more views and publicity if they were like the other videos out there that had beautiful women and then he asked Lisa if she was trying to ruin Usman’s music career.

Lisa flew into a jealous and angry rage, screaming at Usman and Abba before leaving the table and dragging the fight on all night into the next day. Lisa seemed to always find something wrong with how Usman was acting and it eventually led them to break up after getting married in Nigeria.

4. Michael took Angela to meet some ex-pats in Nigeria

Michael was hoping that Angela might live in Nigeria while they waited for the results of their visa, so he took her meet ex-pats to talk about their experience but Angela was not having it once they arrived. Pic credit: TLC

At one point Michael Ilesanmi had hopes that Angela Deem would consider moving to Nigeria and living there with him until his visa was approved. So, he set up a meeting between him and Angela and some ex-pats he met through his friend Dawa so Angela could get a feel for what her life could be like there.

Angela already didn’t like the idea, and when they got there, the group of ex-pats ended up being all women and his male friend Dawa was nowhere to be seen.

Angela only took the time to meet the women before leaving and angrily dragged Michael out. She screamed and carried on at him for thinking it was okay to meet up with women and for thinking that the meeting was something she would want to do. It was one of the loudest and emasculating fights of 90 Day Fiance history.

5. Geoffrey proposed to Varya in Russia

Geoffrey put it all on the line when he proposed to Varya in Russia, but was crushed when she ended up saying no Pic credit: TLC

Geoffrey Paschel flew to Russia to meet his girlfriend Varya Malina for the first time and he had the intention to propose to her if everything went well. They ended up having their differences during the trip but Geoffrey felt comfortable enough to go ahead and propose. Varya said no because she didn’t feel like they were ready.

Geoffrey felt blind-sided by her refusal and it made the time leading up to his departure very awkward.

Geoffrey left Russia heartbroken, and a short while later Varya realized she made a mistake by saying no and flew to Tenessee to get Geoffrey back. The problem was he was with another woman already, but he dumped that new woman and took Varya back, and ended up proposing to her for a second time.

6. Deavan visiting Jihoon’s job

Since Jihoon had a shady past, Deavan wanted to meet his employer, but when she overshared about Jihoon it totally embarrassed him and his boss Pic credit: TLC

Jihoon Lee had previously gotten into trouble in Korea for selling stolen cell phones and was in the process of paying a hefty fine that was irritating Deavan Clegg and putting a burden on their finances. Deavan wanted to visit his new place of employment and talk to his boss to make sure everything was above board.

Things took a turn at the cell phone store, however, when Deavan overstepped her boundaries and told Jihoon’s boss about his shady past and called him a “bad boy.” She went on to ask Jihoon’s boss if they sold stolen cell phones to which his boss of course denied.

Jihoon was obviously embarrassed and his boss seemed uncomfortable but Deavan did get the satisfaction she needed in the end.

7. Ed asked Rose to take an STD test

After meeting his girlfriend Rose for the first time, Big Ed asked her to take an STD test which offended Rose Pic credit: TLC

Rose Vega would not answer all of Ed Brown’s prying questions into her past, so out of uneasiness, he felt the next best thing to do was to ask her to take an STD test. He asked her to take it in an effort to quell his fears about her past and to establish another level of trust, but that is not how she took it.

Rose became hurt, disappointed, and offended that he would not trust her and that he would go so far as to ask her to take an STD test.

Ed said he didn’t mean to offend her but dug into the fact that she wouldn’t answer questions about her Facebook friends or past relationships. To top things off, Rose said she would take the test if Ed would take one too, but he said he didn’t feel comfortable taking the test in the Philippines.

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