90 Day Fiance: Varya promises to share all the details of Geoffrey’s proposal

Varya Malina says there was more to Geoffrey's proposal that wasn't shown
Varya promises to reveal more details about Geoffrey’s proposal in Russia. Pic credit: @varya.malina/Instagram

We’ve remained fully invested in the long-distance relationship between Varya Malina and Geoffrey Paschel on 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days.

However, in the last episode of the show, it all came to a head.

Geoffrey had been visiting Varya in her native country of Russia, and he decided to make a grand gesture before heading back home to the U.S.

Paschel popped the question to Varya in hopes that she would agree to marry him, but sadly she turned him down.

The Russian beauty rejected his proposal, and a heartbroken and somewhat angry Paschel did not take the news well.

Now Varya is planning to share more details about the proposal.

Varya speaks out on Instagram

The 30-year-old has posted several photos of Geoffrey over the past few weeks. She has also commented on episodes of the TLC show.

After her engagement and breakup played out in the last episode, she shared a message on Instagram with fans.

It starts, “Will you marry me or it’s over. When I said ‘not yet,’ I didn’t even suspect the unvoiced ultimatum. Oh, I spit on ultimatums! The fact is that my world is not black and white. It has many colors and many decisions and solutions even from a deadlock — you just need a desire to find them.”

The post continues, “Yes, we do not have much time to live in different countries for years to only occasionally see each other. Yes, distance works against us. But there is also a life experience that stops from impulsive and rash acts. I was married, so was Geoffrey and not once. How can I say ‘yes’ and then change my mind? It’s betrayal. I decided to be completely honest.”

Honesty seems to have cost her the relationship

Geoffrey decided it was all or nothing, and once Varya turned down the proposal, he ended things for good – before heading back on a plane to Knoxville, Tennessee.

In the IG post, the brunette beauty revealed that a lot more really went down between the couple that viewers did not see.

She says that many details were left on the cutting room floor and was not shown during their scene.

However, the reality tv personality promises to reveal all in a soon-to-be-released YouTube video, once her channel is up and running.

I guess we’ll have to stay tuned for all the juicy details.

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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catherine cervera
catherine cervera
2 years ago

i hope it works, i like them both