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Before the 90 Days spoilers: Are Geoffrey and Varya still together?

Are Varya and Geoffrey still together?
Was Geoffrey able to salvage the relationship with Russian girlfriend Varya? Pic credit: TLC

Let’s be honest, the chances of reality tv couples staying together after the show is slim to none – and 90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days is no exception.

This season we get a glimpse into the life of Geoffrey Paschel and his Russian girlfriend, Varya Malina, as the two try to make their long-distance relationship work.

It certainly hasn’t been an easy venture, especially for the Tennessee native, who has a long list of abuse allegations and legal troubles in his wake.

This revelation did not sit well with fans who even started a petition to get him axed from the TLC show.

Despite keeping a lot of information about his past from Varya, the pair seemed determined to make it work.

However, the real question is if they were able to continue with their relationship after the show wrapped?

Are Geoffrey and Varya still together?

Inquiring minds are dying to know if Varya realized her dreams of marrying Geoffrey and getting a green card.

Although we won’t be able to definitively confirm their relationship status until after the season airs, for now, it seems that these two are still together.

Last month Varya posted a throwback photo of the two along with a lengthy post about their first meeting.

View this post on Instagram

Our first meeting PART 1: Each of us had been waiting for this moment for 5 months; this is how long our online communication lasted. Of course, we discussed how this will happen: what the first kiss will be like or whether there would be one at all. I told myself that I didn’t want to make a plan and simply suggested letting go of my thoughts and succumbing to momentary emotions. And so it happened. Who knew that along with the joy of a long-awaited meeting, both of us would be covered with a feeling of awkwardness and shyness. Only then did I realize that we both felt the same way. He had an extremely difficult time parting with his ex-wife and I barely survived the break with the ex-boyfriend. Knowing what a broken heart is, you are trying in every possible way to protect yourself from the repetition of these experiences. Therefore, we both took a step back and carefully watched each other's reaction. Since we were both waiting on the other, it looked as though it was some sort of rejection. My deep knowledge of English helped to ease the tension a bit, you probably remember this confusion with “make out” and “go out”. It was then when we approached each other to take the first joint selfie. I sent this photo to my girls and mother because they were worried and burned with impatience to find out how the meeting went! And then there was a long drive from the airport to the hotel. But all the ease vanished as soon as we began to drive up to the hotel and I realized that the time had come to say, “I’m not staying with you tonight”. Geoffrey obviously did not agree, for some reason, which I understood later. However, for me, to go to bed with a man who I physically have known only a few hours was not in my plans. If you liked the post and want to hear the continuation, let me know by❤ and comment.

A post shared by Варя Малина. Ведущая❗️Рязань❗️ (@varya.malina) on

Instagram user @msmimi1221 commented under the post, “I never miss an episode!!! I’m dying to know what happened with you and Geoffrey but I know you can’t tell me lol, I’m praying you are together and living happily ever after, my whole family lives where Geoffrey is from, who know’s he might know some of my relatives lol.”

Varya responded to the user with a red heart emoji leading us to believe that things are still good between the two.

Furthermore, Geoffery liked the post, and they are both following each other on Instagram.

Varya just posted wedding photos

Just hours ago, Varya posted a few wedding photos to her page, but don’t get excited just yet. The Russian radio host didn’t caption the image as a throwback, but these are old photos she initially posted on Valentine’s Day in 2018.

We have no record of her ever being married, so these might be from a photo shoot or movie.

Cast members on the reality show are contractually obligated to keep this info under wraps, so we’ll have to wait until the finale to get an update on Varya and Geoffrey’s relationship.

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days airs Sunday nights @8/7 central on TLC.

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