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90 Day Fiance spoilers: Geoffrey and Varya were not at the Before the 90 Days Tell All

Geoffrey Paschel and Varya Malina on Before the 90 Days
Geoffrey and Varya were missing. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance fans are wondering if Varya Malina accepted Geoffrey Paschel’s proposal on Before the 90 Days. But now, there’s a bigger mystery brewing after spoilers leaked from the recently taped Season 4 Tell All claim that Geoffrey and Varya were not there.

The Before the 90 Days Tell All was filmed remotely over the weekend, giving a chance for each of the latest couples to wrap up their stories or clear up their side of the story as their season comes to an end.

There’s often drama between couples during the Tell All, as many of the 90 Day Fiance stars are coming face to face for the first time.

But in the case of Geoffrey and Varya, it looks like we won’t get any of that.

Geoffrey and Varya not present at Tell All

According to @fraudedbytlc, an Instagram blogger and one half of the 90 Day Fiance spoiler podcast, The Fraudcast, a source has shared information about who was and who was not present for the upcoming Tell All.

It turns out, neither Geoffrey or Varya was there to update viewers and answer questions. And keeping in mind that this is brand new information, what we don’t know is why both of them were not present.

With the season nearly over, the latest episode of Before the 90 Days left viewers with a cliffhanger – wondering whether Varya accepted Geoffrey’s proposal. They seem to have great chemistry, despite his criminal past, which he finally did admit to.

But he didn’t admit to the other charges against him that are still looming over his head at this time. Could Geoffrey Paschel’s current court case for the alleged assault and kidnap of his ex-girlfriend be the reason that these two didn’t pop up at the Tell All?

What is going on with Geoffrey and Varya?

It’s not really clear yet, and considering that the disturbing accusations against Paschel and the legal trouble that goes along with it have been known to 90 Day Fiance fans since well before the season even began, that may not be why.

It’s not clear if Geoffrey and Varya are even still together anymore, either. If they aren’t, Varya must not have any hard feelings because she’s been sharing stories about Geoffrey’s visit on social media as recently as last week. She even shared a descriptive story about just how hard Geoffrey can party.

View this post on Instagram

Behind the scenes. Shocking content🔞 . Have you ever had a day off, after which it needs another week to recover? We had it during filming in Siberia. On that day, we not only watched as old women fed pigeons…Geoffrey 🙄. We had a wild breakaway at a Russian party. My brother’s wife had her 25 year old birthday party. Due to the weather, the city was like the scenery of Mordor, so we went out of town to fry kebabs and to steam in a Russian sauna. I finally met sister-in-law and my sweet little neice. And was also pleasantly surprised by the way Geoffrey played and nursed the baby—literally keeping her in his arms. Looking at this, my inner unicorns joined hands and sang a lullaby to our future children. I woke up when my brother said it’s time to have a drink. As my niece left with her grandparents, the adult part of the party began. There was a lot of alcohol and less clothes; because it was not needed in the sauna. My knight decided to conquer all Russians with his exploits: he drank and soared in the bathhouse on an equal basis with everyone. Consequently, I had hard time running after him with a towel. It was then I already felt like the nanny of a bearded tomboy. The evening flowed smoothly into the morning and after lengthy negotiations, I pushed Geoffrey into a waiting taxi and we headed home. On the way, he wailed that it was rude to leave the party in full swing and that my brother would probably decide that he was an American wimp. But fortunately, for the two of us, there was one with common sense: my mother. She said the crew will be here in a couple hours, hurry up! And the next morning we looked like a drunken groom and his mare; I do not regret anything. Initiation took place and he was a full Russian, maybe even more. The American thrived and even survived the shooting day with a wild hangover and headache. I was so proud. But that day he released his past🤦🏼‍♀️

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90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days airs Sundays at 8/7c on TLC. 

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