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1000-Lb. Sisters: Tammy Slaton lost 115 pounds 30 days into rehab

1000-Lb. Sisters star Tammy Slaton enters rehab.
1000-Lb. Sisters star Tammy Slaton. Pic credit: TLC

Season 3 of 1000-Lb. Sisters recently came to an end with a dramatic finale episode. The season closed by showing Tammy Slaton entering rehab for a second time to overcome her food addiction.

Her brother, Chris, revealed that after just 30 days in rehab, Tammy had lost 115 lbs. Not only was her family proud, but they hoped this was the start of her finally getting serious about her health.

During her last weigh-in on the show, Tammy’s weight was close to 700 lbs, and her mobility was becoming more limited. This concerned her family and her bariatric doctor, Dr. Smith, who kept trying to get her motivated to reach her goals.

The finale episode mentioned the possibility of Tammy remaining in rehab for up to a year. Based on recent social media posts, it appears she is currently still at the facility and working to improve her health.

Tammy’s journey to rehab was not easy

A lot of drama was packed into the Season 3 finale, including the scary details surrounding getting Tammy to Ohio, where her rehab facility is located.

On the road, Tammy’s oxygen levels dropped lower than normal, causing panic for her brother, who was driving. It was an eight-hour drive, and Tammy was uncomfortable and struggling to breathe.

Once they made it to Ohio, Tammy’s health took a serious turn, and she was rushed to the hospital. The rehab center told her family that at one point, she stopped breathing. Tammy’s lungs were giving out, and her body was shutting down. She was placed on a ventilator at the hospital and put in a medically induced coma.

After four days, she woke up and had a tracheotomy inserted into her throat to help her breathe. She remained in the hospital until it was safe to return to rehab.

Will there be a Season 4 of 1000-Lb. Sisters?

So far, TLC has made no announcement about the show’s fate. While some fans feel it’s time for the show to end, others are curious to see if the Slaton family will reach their individual weight loss goals – especially Tammy.

Season 3 was filled with highs and lows for the family. There were many arguments about Tammy’s commitment level, struggles with her excessive drinking, and her relationship troubles. There were also great memories made, including a family vacation to Gatlinburg, TN, Amy purchasing a house, and Chris having weight-loss surgery and improving his health.

With Amy now pregnant with her second child, Tammy being in rehab, and her older sister, Amanda, becoming a prominent voice in the show, many fans wonder if they will get to see the siblings create more memories or if this was the end of 1000-Lb. Sisters.

1000-Lb. Sisters fan shows their support for Tammy and hopes for an additional season.
A fan shows their support for Tammy. Pic credit: @jayerosenn/Twitter

Do you think the show will continue? Or is it time for TLC to move on from the Slaton family?

1000-Lb. Sisters is currently on hiatus but is streaming on Discovery+.

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  1. I hope TLC will do season 4. The way season 3 ended there is more big events coming this year for the family. Birth of I pray a healthy baby boy. And pray Tammy can improve her life with mental health and weight loss. Wish the family the very best.

    • Hey Tammy looking fabulous your doing a great job. I pray everything works out for you and I pray you keep up the good work because I look forward to seeing you live a long and healthy life much luv to you and may God continue to bless you and keep you through out your new journey He’s difinetly not threw with you and has more work for you to do! ❣️🥰 I’m so proud of you Tammy for hanging in there!🥳

  2. Yes! bring the show back! Love to see Tammy continue her new journey in life. She surely had a angel on her shoulder hitting rock bottom. It’s no walk in the park for her even now. She has a long way to go and I feel the show should explore and see what she does with it. She owes her life to her doctor(Smith) who made a house call and risk his own life thru this still trying time. Don’t let him down or the fans and viewers on your renewed life.She also should be thanking GOD everyday for believing in her and giving her another chance.


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