1000-Lb. Sisters: Chris Combs shows off his weight loss while celebrating his grandson’s birthday

1000-Lb. Sisters Chris Combs shares details of his weight-loss journey.
1000-Lb. Sisters’ Chris Combs. Pic credit: TLC

Fans of 1000-Lb. Sisters have made Tammy and Amy’s older brother, Chris, the true breakout star of the show. His blunt and honest takes on his sisters’ health has been well received by viewers and even refreshing to see each episode.

After supporting both of his sisters on their journey to lose weight, Chris decided he also wanted to make a change for a healthier lifestyle. He met with Tammy’s bariatric doctor, and immediately jumped at the chance to have weight-loss surgery.

Chris hit his goals, was approved for surgery, and has been consistently losing weight ever since. This week, he showed off a much more slender version of himself on his Instagram account, as he celebrated his grandson’s birthday.

The picture, which also features his wife, Brittany, had fans gushing over his weight loss in the comments and encouraging him to continue following his diet.

Chris Combs is the best big brother

Since making his appearance on the show, Chris has proven to be a very supportive brother. Not only is he shown driving Tammy to and from her doctor’s appointments, but he also tries to hold her accountable for her actions.

He is always the first person to call her out on her excuses and tries to remind her that she is truly harming her body and needs to get serious about getting healthy. The best part about his conversations and remarks to his sister is that it always comes from a place of love and support.

Chris has also been a huge help to Amy as she continues her weight loss journey. As she and her husband Michael expand their family, Chris has been supportive of her goals and her desire to be a present mom. When the couple purchased a new home, he even gifted them the dining room table from their childhood home.

The future of 1000-Lb. Sisters

While there hasn’t been an official announcement on the status of the TLC hit show, fans are hoping to see more of Chris on-screen in the future. If the show is renewed for another season, Chris will likely return since his goal is to get under 250 lbs. He has also mentioned wanting to help his wife and kids live a healthier lifestyle.

With Amy pregnant with her second child, viewers would get a peek into how she’s balancing her weight loss with pregnancy. This is something that her bariatric surgeon, Dr. Proctor, was concerned about and advised her not to keep her goals in mind.

And with Tammy now in rehab for the second time to fight her food addiction, fans would be curious to see if she can hit her goals and possibly get approved for surgery.

Watch 1000-Lb. Sisters Monday nights at 10/9c on TLC.

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2 years ago

Keep it up Chris! So proud you stayed to your dream of losing this weight and did it. Maybe you will give Tammy the inspiration to do the same thing. Your smile can light up a room. You truly are a family man and I hope your sisters appreciate all you do for them. Good luck to you!

2 years ago

fantastic job chris and hopefully tammy will use you as example and save her life and amy knows how to do it she did it before and has 2 around for both her children and family..god bless all of you..i have been following show since the beginning ,mimi

2 years ago

I love the show and proud of Chris and Amy. I just want to know has Tammy looked back at the show after it airs. I want to know what does she think of her behavior and how she treats her family and how they truly want to help her and how emotional they get when thinking of her not being around. I want her to see how large she was when this first aired and how much larger she has become since she doesn’t want anyone’s help and want to party. I know she will feel a helluva lot better once she looses some weight and see how she looks, its just getting her there that’s the problem.

2 years ago

Don’t think Tammy wants to lose weight she wants everybody to wait on her and take care of her