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1000-Lb. Sisters: Tammy Slaton debuts new look while in rehab

TLC's 1000-Lb. Sisters Tammy Slaton shares why she enjoys partying.
1000-Lb. Sisters Tammy Slaton. Pic credit: TLC.

Tammy Slaton, the star of TLC’s 1000-Lb. Sisters is once again making headlines. Earlier this week, she surprised fans by posting a glamorous picture of herself on Instagram.

Her new look is complete with smokey eye makeup, a soft pink lip gloss, and loose curls in her hair. In her selfie, Tammy looks at the camera head-on with a fierce and confident expression. For the most part, her new look was met with praise and compliments from fans. While others expressed their wish that she cared about her weight more than her looks.

Also present in the picture is the tracheostomy tube that is still inserted into her throat. This is there to help her breathe since she was having trouble doing so on her own. There’s no word on if this will be a permanent addition to Tammy’s life, or if it’s only there until she loses weight.

Tammy checks into rehab to fight her food addiction

Since late November, Tammy has been in the hospital, where the procedure for her tracheostomy happened. There were concerns for her health since she contracted COVID-19 last year, and began to neglect her diet even more.

Recently, Tammy entered rehab for the second time. Fans of the show may recall her initial stint in rehab at the beginning of the current season. She successfully lost 60-lbs, but refused to continue with treatments and left the facilities early.

Since then, she regained all the weight she lost and climbed up to over 665-lbs. With her family exhausted with attempts to get their sister’s help, this second round of rehab may be the only thing to help save Tammy’s life.

Tammy is searching for a reason to keep fighting

In many episodes, Tammy is very open about struggling to find happiness and a reason to want to lose weight and get healthy. She’s admitted to using drinking and dating as a way to find peace with her life, but it doesn’t work.

Her sister, Amy, has said she hoped the birth of her son would help encourage Tammy to lose weight. She was hoping the thought of watching him grow up would make her want to live a long and healthy life. And while Tammy has expressed her love for her nephew and wanting to be active in his life, she understands she has to make this choice for herself.

Since this admission into rehab was prompted by Tammy on her own, it could be a good sign that she’s ready to make the necessary changes to keep fighting for her life.

Tammy was vocal about her first experience in rehab, stating she hated the food and wasn’t a fan of some of the other patients. Hopefully, this time she will embrace the journey and stay as long as she needs to.

What do you think about Tammy’s new look and decision to enter rehab?

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  1. Tammy rise above what anyone thinks and do it for yourself please! You already took the first step and I know you can do this. Focus on you and deal with the crappy food at the place and do all they tell you to do. I want to see you be a strong minded heathly thinner woman who can enjoy life like you want to. I have faith in you and will pray you stay on the path you are doing. Make this journey not only for you but for other’s who have the same problems. You can give them inspiration and be the voice for them. We all have different issues and problems and how you think and deal with them makes the difference. Getting help which you have and keeping the faith is a new start for your new journey in life.

    • Keep fighting for got to believe in all begins with look nice in that sure you can do anything u put your mind to.keep on the right track,lose weight,excerise.get got alot of people backing makecit happen for you.God bless

  2. Until Tammy starts liking herself, nothing will be good for her and her life. She will never find happiness. I wish her the best and hope she starts down the road to recovery before it’s too late. Praying and cheering for you Tammy.

    • Food addiction isn’t talked about enough. It is real and to many suffer in silence. Like yourself not like yourself is only a fraction of what a food addict has to deal with. Food actually effects the brain just any other drug. If you don’t think much of what I just wrote, I am not sorry for speaking the truth. I am sorry for you! Go Tammy: go through it, over come it and get over it………

  3. y does anyone care about this woman anyway?! she needs serious mental health care she’s clearly mentally i’ll and it’s disgusting this is what people watch tiday

    • In response to your commit. It is reality TV you don’t get invested in these peoples life, now really. Rather it is 1000 pounds sisters or keeping up with the Kardashians, it is entertainment.

  4. Did I miss Tammy saying she WASN’T using a filter? I wish her all the best, and haters are always find something wrong in any situation. Food addiction is just like any other addiction…she needs lots of counseling to help with it. She’s proved she’s pretty smart, I hope this time she stays in rehab longer, especially with Amy not living next door any longer.
    Lots of us are rooting for you Tammy…prove the haters wrong & please take your health more seriously. God bless and I hope this is the time you lose weight & save your own life

  5. I hope she gets the help she needs mentally and physically. Hopefully, with therapy, she get to the reality and also, change her nasty attitude.

    • Tammy looks cute. I hope she is serious about losing weight this time and is kinder to her siblings. The fans really love her and don’t want anything to happen to her.

  6. You can do this Tammy! Don’t let these mean spirited A-holes affect your self esteem. They hate themselves! I did it in 2001 and I thought alcohol was a good idea to relax and have fun too. Beware girlfriend. Prepare your head to stop leaning on food to stuff those feelings. We need to talk…

    • Nobody other then Tammy can make the decision to love herself and make the decision to change. When she stopped breathing while Chris was getting her to the rehab I believe the realization that maybe, just maybe, her family and Dr. we’re all right and her lifestyle HAD TO CHANGE.
      Almost 17 yrs ago I had the Gastric Bypass. I was nowhere near the weight that most people are when they decide to have the surgery. My decision was multi focal. I have a major back injury while on the job as a nurse in 1980 and I ended up having 6 back surgeries, I am a Type 2 Diabetic, have several diagnoses related to severe nerve pain and other issues as well. Over the years I must now use a power wheelchair to go about my daily routines and had I not chosen to have that surgery I know for a fact I wouldn’t be here still today. This was both a Godsend and an eye opener to Tammy. Knowing that she stopped breathing was God’s way of getting through to her telling her he wasn’t ready for her to come home to Him.

  7. I think Tammy is so pretty. I would love to see her 400lbs lighter and than some. She would be turning heads, that’s for sure.

  8. Everybody says you can do it, she can….. But she doesnt want to. During the seasons so much jealousy, language she is using, she going down hill, seeks for negative attention, hope she come to her sentence but complaining, stop it tammy, get your ass straight, do something about yourself, stop giving your fam the guilty trip, its only you.

  9. I have no respect after watching her foul language at the restaurant with children and other families present she has little concern for others just like she has no concerns for her family or herself. I find it a waste to have her life on TV it just feeds into her ego where she thinks and says whatever she wants at the expense of others feelings yet whines no one cares about her. It’s disgusting. She is an egotistical social path.

  10. So glad that you made the right decision. You look beautiful and have a great personality. I am pulling for you. You can do this.


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