1000-Lb. Sisters: Tammy Slaton gets emotional when confronted by her sister about her weight

1000-Lb. Sisters star Tammy Slaton poses.
1000-Lb. Sisters Tammy Slaton. Pic credit: TLC

Monday night’s episode of 1000-Lb. Sisters was another frustrating hour for many fans. Tammy, who has chosen to focus on drinking with her friends and partying each night, once again hesitated to acknowledge she needs to make a change.

When her older sister, Amanda, confronted her about her behavior, Tammy repeated that she just wanted to have fun and finally enjoy her life. Amanda tried again to get Tammy to realize how dangerous she’s living by reminding her that she’s killing herself and no one in the family wants to see that. Even then, she blew off her sister’s concerns telling her that she didn’t want anyone trying to control her life.

Amanda tried one more thing in an attempt to get through to her sister. She gifted Tammy with a quilt that was made by their late grandmother. Immediately Tammy became emotional and started to cry. She expressed the love she had for her grandmother, who she says raised them when their mom wasn’t present.

While both sisters were in tears, Amanda said she gave her the quilt hoping it would motivate her to feel she has something to live for. And while Tammy didn’t say she was ready to change, this was the first time she expressed emotion over her family’s concerns. She agreed that she was doing damage to her body.

Tammy’s siblings are running out of hope

The conversation between Amanda and Tammy came shortly after the rest of the Slaton siblings had another talk about what to do with Tammy. With Amy and her husband now moved into their new house and expecting another baby, Tammy is alone and isolating herself more than ever. She’s not going to live with either of them, so no one has a clear plan on what to do next.

They all agreed that if she continues at the rate she’s going, she’ll be dead within a few short years. They even briefly discussed preparing for her funeral. While the siblings are hoping they don’t have to bury their sister, they feel that she doesn’t seem to want to get healthy as much as they want it for her.

Fans of the show agreed with the siblings as well, and many took to Twitter to express their frustrations and disappointments about Tammy’s behavior. One fan wrote: “Tammy, your drinking and over eating are not making you happy.”

1000-Lb. Sisters social media comment.
Pic credit: @anne_hotchkiss/Twitter
1000-lb.-sisters Twitter comment
Pic credit: @yourstrulyNM/Twitter

Another fan accused Tammy of “always whining about wanting to be happy.”

1000-Lb. Sisters social media comment.
Pic credit: @NealesMom1/Twitter

What’s next for Tammy?

Previews for next week’s season finale show Tammy headed to a follow-up appointment with her bariatric doctor. She’s shown having some troubles breathing while in the car, causing her brother, Chris, to pull over. When he checks on his sister, he says that she has stopped breathing.

Fans who follow Tammy on social media know that she has been in the hospital since late November and has a tracheostomy tube inserted to help her breathe. And while Tammy does regularly post, she hasn’t mentioned anything about a release date or how she’s progressing.

As this season of 1000-Lb. Sisters comes to an end, the future of the show is uncertain. If it is renewed by TLC, do you think Tammy will finally make the changes she needs for a healthier life?

1000-Lb. Sisters airs Monday nights at 10/9c on TLC.

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2 years ago

Tammy is self destructing and doesn’t care! If she won’t listen to the doctors and has been in the hospital god knows how many times why should her life be any different now. She has mental issues and it has nothing to do with her so called eating disorder at all. This show was supposed to be about her and Amy journey to wait loss. But it has turned into Tammy partying and Tammy having temper tantrums. She knows exactly whats she doing and is playing everyone including the show. I have never heard her say to anyone in her family, it’s time I need help and will do whatever it takes. Or I’m sorry I’m treating the ones I love like crap. Her family has bend over backwards for her and it’s never enough. She does not deserve to be on this show without even trying to improve her health and life. Keep on your destructed road because now fans are tried of you like your family is.

2 years ago

I think if they renew it they will change it to Amy and Chris and their journey. Tammy will be dead soon

2 years ago

This whole journey with Tammy is very, very sad. She doesn’t want to change. There’s nothing else that her family can do. We’re all literally watching a person slowly kill themselves. Next season, we could be seeing a funeral. :(

Rachel Neamon
Rachel Neamon
2 years ago

Tammy please get better for your family and you fans. Don’t you want to see your nephew grow up you need to lose the weight stop smoking and stop the alcohol or your going to miss him growing up trust me. Good luck…. God bless you and your family. ? ? ? ? ? ?