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1000-Lb. Sisters: Tammy Slaton has a new boyfriend who says he ‘chased’ her for years

1000-Lb. Sisters star Tammy Slaton's boyfriend, Mikey Mooney, says he isn't with her for clout.
Tammy Slaton has a new boyfriend who has waited years to be with her. Pic credit: TLC

Tammy Slaton has been open about how much she enjoys being in a relationship. She’s talked about feeling lonely and how she just wants somebody live with.

Fans of 1000-Lb. Sisters have seen a few boyfriends come and go over the seasons. When those relationships didn’t work out, Tammy vowed that she was going to focus on herself and put dating on hold until she hit her weight loss goals.

However, it looks like Tammy has had a change of heart. The reality star has a new boyfriend and it looks like things are getting pretty serious.

Tammy’s new boyfriend has wanted to be with her for years

Tammy recently took a step back from social media after her accounts continued to get banned. However, she’s recently been seen on the Facebook page of her new love interest.

Mikey Mooney is the new beau who has stolen Tammy’s heart.

Earlier this month, he began posting pictures of Tammy and the two began professing their love for one another in the comments of his posts.

Entertainment outlet, The Kelsey Diaries shared a screenshot of one of Mikey’s post on their Instagram account. The post features a picture of the couple together plus a sweet message penned by Mikey.

Mikey captioned the post saying, “Words can’t even express how safe and loved I feel when I’m with you. I’m forever grateful for everything you do my love. I love you so much (red heart emoji). Cheers babydoll, you’re the best thing to have ever walked into my life.”

Mikey changed his status on Facebook to state that he is in a relationship. He received a comment asking him how this happened and if he was just trying to be a part of Season 4 of Tammy’s show. Mike responded saying he “chased her for 3 almost 4 years now” and that he is happy with his new girlfriend.

Mikey Mooney answers questions about his relationship with 1000-Lb. Sisters star, Tammy Slaton.
Mikey responds to a comment on his post about his relationship with Tammy. Pic credit: @mikey.mooney.52/Facebook

Mikey confirmed that he is in fact dating the real Tammy and shut down any allegations that he is with her just for clout. He goes on to say, “Idc bout the fame or clout or whatever it is man I just wanna see her succeed. Idc what she looks like, it’s what beats on the inside of her chest that counts. I wanna help her through everything. She means alot to me.”

Mikey Mooney shares that he is not with Tammy Slaton for clout or fame.
Mikey shuts down rumors that he is with Tammy for clout. Pic credit: @mikey.mooney.52/Facebook

Mikey’s Facebook page contains multiple posts talking about Tammy. She often responds in the comments expressing her love for him and how he makes her feel. It seems that the two are getting serious and hoping to make their relationship work.

Things may be falling into place for Tammy

In addition to finding love again, Tammy is also doing well in rehab. She has remained in the facilities for nearly a year and has continued to lose weight.

She has done well enough to be approved for bariatric surgery, which she has been working towards for years. She is expected to travel to Atlanta soon for the procedure. She will also have surgery on her knee to help improve her walking.

Tammy has stated that she has already begun filming for Season 4. A release date has yet to be announced, however fans are hoping to see the sisters return later this year. With pending surgeries, a new romance, and the possibility of leaving rehab soon, Tammy will have lots to share with her fans in the new season.

1000-Lb. Sisters is currently on hiatus and streaming on Discovery+.

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