1000-Lb. Sisters: Amy Slaton reveals why sister Tammy hasn’t been posting on social media

1000-Lb. Sisters star Amy Slaton reveals why fans haven't seen Tammy Slaton online recently.
Amy Slaton shares the reason fans haven’t seen Tammy Slaton online. Pic credit: TLC

Amy Slaton recently gave an update on her older sister, Tammy, after fans were questioning her whereabouts.

The 1000-Lb. Sisters stars are known for staying connected to their fans through social media. And because of that, many have noticed that Tammy has been MIA for several weeks. She hasn’t posted on any of her social media pages which has been concerning for some fans.

Finally, after weeks of speculation, Amy is addressing what’s going on with her sister and why she hasn’t been spotted online recently.

Amy shares why Tammy hasn’t been online

In an Instagram post, Amy shared a few recent pictures of her son, Gage. The 17-month-old posed for the camera wearing a Rugrats t-shirt that Amy called “90s nostalgic” in her caption.

The post was met with a flood of comments from fans who love to shower baby Gage with compliments. One fan took the opportunity to ask Amy about her sister.

The fan commented on Amy’s post, asking, “Is ur sister okay? She hasn’t posted in a while.”

The question is one that many fans have been asking for weeks after noticing Tammy has been absent from social media. The reality star had become very active online in recent months, even sharing updates on Season 4 of their show. Her absence felt abrupt and raised some concerns.

A fan of 1000-Lb. Sisters asks Amy Slaton about her sister Tammy Slaton.
Amy answers a fan’s question about Tammy. Pic credit: @amyslaton_halterman/Instagram

Amy attempted to put the fan at ease with her response to the question. She replied, “Yes she been locked out of her account and had to set up new ones.” Amy also revealed that Tammy’s TikTok account had been banned, which was an issue she dealt with before.

There was no clarity on why Tammy’s accounts where locked and banned, but some fans may be hoping she’s back online soon.

Is Amy filming for Season 4?

Those who follow Amy online know that she’s got her hands full these days. She’s mom to growing toddler, Gage, while expecting her second son this summer. She admitted that filming for the show was stressful, which is why she wanted to reduce the number of hours she was in front of the cameras.

Her goal was to focus on having a healthy pregnancy and to be home more with her family. She’s been mostly quiet on whether the network agreed to her requests. However, she was with Tammy as she began filming for the upcoming season. This leads some to believe Amy will be included as well.

Season 4 could present Amy with the opportunity to share more details about her pregnancy and how it has impacted her weight loss goals. She also recently said goodbye to her beloved dog, Little Bit, which fans often saw appearing during the show. It’s possible Amy could talk about that as well.

Since Season 3 ended, Amy and husband, Michael, have settled into their new home and have worked to live a healthier lifestyle. Amy has said the new baby will be the couple’s last, and they will focus on raising their kids to have a close bond like the one she has with her sister, Tammy.

1000-Lb. Sisters is currently on hiatus.

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