1000-Lb. Sisters: Why does Tammy Slaton keep getting banned on TikTok?

After TikTok banned her account multiple times, Tammy Slaton of 1000-Lb. Sisters is working to keep her account active.
1000-Lb. Sisters star Tammy Slaton is fighting to keep her account active on TikTok after multiple bans. Pic credit: TLC

Tammy Slaton keeps getting banned on TikTok, and some fans are curious why the app keeps taking down her account.

The 1000-Lb. Sisters star is no stranger to social media. She has been making videos on YouTube with her sister, Amy, for years. The popularity of their videos is how they got spotted by TLC and eventually landed their show.

Since Tammy often uses her TikTok account to keep fans in the loop about her weight-loss journey, some want to know why the reality star struggles to keep her profile alive.

Fans have a theory on why Tammy is getting banned

It seems that TikTok has become one of Tammy’s favorite apps, as she has become more active on the platform in recent months. She regularly uses it to participate in social media trends and stay in touch with her fans.

As the number of her followers continues to grow, it seems that Tammy is finding it hard to keep her profile up and running. The app recently banned her account. However, the reason was not totally clear. TikTok only stated that she violated Community Guidelines.

A discussion about her banning happened in a Reddit thread, where fans and critics shared their theories and opinions on what Tammy could have done to get banned. Some assumed that the visible tracheotomy tube in her throat could be the problem. If enough users on the app reported it, sharing that they found it offensive or inappropriate, the app could consider that a violation of their guidelines.

Other users assumed TLC could possibly be the reason, believing that Tammy may be sharing too much information on social media and breaching her agreement with them. She’s recently shared minor updates on Season 4 of the show, including that she has begun filming. Some fans appeared to think she didn’t have permission from the network to release that information.

Currently, Tammy’s account has been reactivated. Neither TikTok nor Tammy has commented on why she continues to get banned, leaving fans and users to speculate the reasons while also hoping her account stays active.

Inside Tammy’s journey in rehab

Season 3 of 1000-Lb. Sisters had a dramatic conclusion as fans watched Tammy enter rehab for the second time. Soon after she was admitted, she was taken to the hospital due to issues with her lungs. That quickly led to her being placed in a medically induced coma.

Once she was awake and healthy enough to return to rehab, Tammy lost over 100 pounds. Since then, she’s stated she is committed to staying in rehab and losing weight until weight-loss surgery can safely be performed.

In a recent TikTok video, Tammy shared with fans that she is still in the rehab facility and things are going well. She confirmed she has started filming for Season 4, and fans will get a true update on her progress once it airs.

1000-Lb. Sisters is currently on hiatus.

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