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10 things the Duggar daughters did differently from their mom Michelle

Jana, Jinger, Michelle, and Jessa Duggar.
Some of the Duggar daughters are doing things differently than their mom. Pic credit: TLC

The Duggar daughters have veered off the path a little bit regarding some things they do. 

While some still follow the example set by their mom, Michelle Duggar, the daughters are all on their own paths. 

Some sisters are sticking closely by what Michelle taught them, while others choose to do their lives their way, especially when raising children. 

Jessa and Joy-Anna Duggar are the two who are similar to their mom, while Jill and Jinger Duggar have taken on their own way of doing things. 

Even Jana has taken on some of her mother’s teachings while leaving room to do things herself. 

These are 10 times the Duggar daughters strayed away from what Michelle Duggar does or would have done in a situation. 

Jill Duggar enrolls Israel in public school 

Homeschool and public school are a debate among the Duggar sisters. 

As the first Duggar daughter with a school-aged child, Jill Duggar broke the tradition and sent Israel Dillard to public school. It wasn’t just any school, either. He is attending the same school his dad, Derick Dillard, went to as a child. 

Currently, Jessa Duggar’s son, Spurgeon, is school-aged this fall, and she has not announced whether she plans to homeschool yet. It’s likely she will, though. 

With homeschooling, Jill Duggar took a different route than Michelle and sent her son to public school.

Jinger Duggar wears pants

Breaking the dress code was a huge deal. Duggar followers went nuts when Jinger Duggar began wearing pants

It was such a big deal that Counting On addressed how Michelle Duggar felt about Jinger deciding to break away from the modest dress code she grew up following. 

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Long skirts or dresses were preferred, and while Jinger occasionally wears those, she has expanded to leggings, pants, jean shorts, and other items that would have gotten her in trouble as a little girl. 

Michelle still adheres to the rules she sets forth for her daughters. 

Jessa Duggar schedules a hospital birth 

Jessa Duggar is the latest Duggar daughter to give birth in a hospital. She welcomed Fern Elliana Seewald last month, and this was her first birth that wasn’t at home. 

Michelle Duggar did have hospital births, but she preached that home births were the way to go. As such, some of her daughters have attempted to do the same. 

Jill, Jinger, and Joy-Anna Duggar have all given birth in a hospital at least once. 

In fact, a few of them have even had c-sections. 

Despite Michelle preferring home births, she has supported her daughters who have given birth in the hospital. 

Joy-Anna Duggar dyes her hair darker

Altering appearances in any way wasn’t acceptable for the Duggar daughters growing up. They all had cookie-cutter looks, all the way down to their long brown/dark blonde hair. 

Their mom, Michelle, wore her hair the same way for years and years. She did get perms for herself and the girls when they were younger, but dyeing or cutting their hair wasn’t permissible. 

Now, several of the Duggar daughters have dyed and cut their hair. Jill Duggar chopped a lot off and is talking about going even shorter when she does a hair makeover

Jinger Duggar went blonde, which was a huge change for the normally brunette sister. Joy-Anna went darker and cut bangs for a new look. Jessa went for bangs once, but it only lasted a few months on the mom-of-four. 

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Jill Duggar chooses secular reading 

When it came to rules in the Duggar house growing up, Michelle was very particular about what the kids read and saw in videos. There were no mainstream shows in the house, and books were heavily regulated. 

It wasn’t until the Duggar daughters got married that they began to branch out and experience secular music, shows, and books. 

Jill Duggar talks about letting her kids watch TV and has shared that she reads some children’s books to her boys. She takes them to the library, and they have been reading The Boxcar Children series.

Jana Duggar goes sleeveless

Dress code was one of the biggest things forced on the Duggar daughters as they were growing up. Michelle Duggar insisted they dress modestly and in skirts or dresses with shirts that included sleeves.

Wearing a tank top or sleeveless anything was not permissible.

Jana Duggar decided to make her own dress code. She has remained on the modest side, even though she has worn pants and sleeveless dresses.

Typically, Jana doesn’t show off her body, but on occasion, she has been photographed while defying the dress code she grew up with.

Jinger Duggar isn’t thrifty

Growing up, the kids were taught to buy used and save the difference. Michell Duggar was thrifty and shopped at resale shops and garage sales for everything for the children.

Even now, several of the Duggar daughters shop second-hand for their children. Spending money on clothing isn’t a thing for Michelle, and she tried to instill that in her daughters as well.

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Jinger Duggar isn’t about being thrifty, or at least not exclusively. She dropped some serious cash on a blazer while filming Counting On when her sister, Jana Duggar, was in town.

A few hundred on a staple piece isn’t a big deal for Jinger, and she made that known.

Joy-Anna Duggar overshares on social media

Social media wasn’t a thing when Michelle Duggar raised her big brood, but, likely, she wouldn’t be overly involved with it even if it were.

She was never the type to hype things up, and even now, the social media accounts she and Jim Bob Duggar have don’t show off a lot.

The Duggar sisters, including Joy-Anna, Jessa, Jinger, and Jill Duggar, share a lot. Most post regularly, with some going overboard with their pictures, tutorials, and announcements.

Jessa Duggar takes selfies

There aren’t a lot of photos of Michelle Duggar while she was raising her kids. Photos weren’t instant like they are today, and while some older photos of the Duggar matriarch have popped up on reality TV and social media, they don’t compare to the selfies the Duggar daughters take today.

Jessa Duggar enjoys taking photos of herself with her kids. Jinger, Jill, Joy-Anna, and Jana also have taken selfies, but they aren’t as frequent. Usually, they are done to promote a product. Their husbands (except for Jana) have also gotten good at taking their photos.

Jinger Duggar is a working mom

Michelle Duggar was a stay-at-home mom. She raised the kids and homeschooled them, though some critics would disagree on who did most child-rearing.

Jinger Duggar has worked hard to build her own empire and brand with The Hope We Hold. From a podcast to a book and then a home goods line, the reality TV star has been eager to have something of her own. She is easily one of the busiest sisters, with Jessa and Jill putting their time into YouTube videos.

Fans could argue that the other sisters who are moms were working when filming the show, which isn’t wrong, but Jinger has gone above and beyond.

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