10 photos that show why Jinger Duggar is the most fashionable Duggar family member

Jinger Duggar in a Counting On confessional.
Jinger Duggar is the most fashionable Duggar sibling. Pic credit: TLC

When it comes to fashion, Jinger Duggar is the sibling to go to.

She has been pushing boundaries for years with her makeup choices and style, and when she moved off to Texas after marrying Jeremy Vuolo in 2016, Jinger came out of her shell when it came to clothing and shoes.

Her kicks are always on display (even coordinating with Felicity), and wearing short shorts isn’t off-limits either. Showing off her arms has also become a thing when she wears some dressier clothing.

Moving away from Arkansas and having time to make her own choices has helped her discover what she likes. Jinger could experiment with clothing that she would never have had she still lived with her parents and siblings.

These are 10 photos that show why Jinger Duggar is the most fashionable Duggar sibling of them all.

That $300 blazer

Jinger Duggar buying her expensive blazer.
Jinger buying her blazer. Pic credit: TLC

During an episode of Counting On, Jinger Duggar took Jana Duggar to Rodeo Drive. The sisters tried on various items, with Jana even stepping out of her comfort zone and modeling some clothing while filming.

When Jinger found a blazer she had to have, the price tag shocked everyone. Buy used save the difference is the Duggar motto, and this item of clothing cost $300. Jana’s eyes nearly bulged out of her head when her sister purchased the item.

She just had to have it and has since worn it a handful of times. Each time, a follower points out the blazer.

White pants

Wearing pants is bold enough for a Duggar daughter, but white pants are a new level of boundary-pushing and this particular pair hugged every curve.

Jinger Duggar takes being a pastor’s wife seriously, and on Sundays, she is always dressed up. This particular pairing with the white pants, heels, and blazer was a great choice for her.

Elegant and classy mixed with a little casual is what Jinger seems to favor.

Whether Jinger follows the no white after Labor Day or before Memorial Day fashion law remains to be seen. She is rebellious enough to wear it when she wants to, regardless of what others may think.

Denim dress and sneakers

During her pregnancy with Evangeline Jo Vuolo, Jinger Duggar really stepped out and became fashionable while pregnant.

This sleeveless denim dress coupled with hi-top sneakers was a statement for sure. The outfit coordinated with Jeremy Vuolo, and it appeared Jinger was comfortable in what she was wearing.

Casual attire is what Jinger shines in, especially when she is hanging out with her family.

Jean jacket staple

A true fashionista has a staple piece that can dress up or dress down any outfit. Jinger Duggar’s piece is this jean jacket.

She wore it often while pregnant, typically pairing it with a dress. On occasion, she would pair it with leggings or pants, adding a bit of a flair to her outfit.

Of all the pairings Jinger has shared with his jacket, the maroon floral dress is the best match. She looked gorgeous while pregnant, and the jean jacket helped to accentuate her baby bump.

Jean shorts and a white t-shirt

Seeing Jinger Duggar wearing jean shorts was a bit shocking. Sure, she had worn pants and leggings, but shorter jean shorts weren’t something she was seen in.

The white t-shirt and jean shorts were worn while putting together a swing set for Felicity. Jeremy Vuolo took the photo and shared it on his Instagram page.

Even when she is dressed down for a very casual project in the backyard, Jinger can still knock the fashion game out of the park.

Counting On fans are here for Jinger wearing jeans shorts as a new normal for her, not just while hanging around the house, in the yard, or while working out.

Horizontal stripes

Horizontal stripes on Jinger Duggar is one of her best looks.

She wears plenty of stripes on dresses and shirts, which makes it clear that she loves them on herself as well.

The white and blue dress is one she has worn on several occasions. Pairing it with a jean jacket is also an option she uses, and honestly, it just ups her fashion game.

Baseball caps 

Wearing a baseball cap isn’t always fashionable, but when Jinger Duggar does it, she gets the fashion points. 

From her Los Angeles Dodgers hat to a plain khaki cap, dressing down never looked so good. 

Hats are a big deal for Jinger, and when she can wear them, she does. 

Snug-fitting dresses 

Wearing form-fitting clothing wasn’t really a thing for the Duggars until Jinger began experimenting with her wardrobe choices following her marriage to Jeremy Vuolo. 

In this aqua dress with white specks all over it, Jinger was showing off her growing baby bump. Wearing clothes that fit her body is her thing, even if sometimes they are on the more modest side. 

Don’t let that fool you though, Jinger knows how to pull off the form-fitting look better than most of her sisters. Her choices in fashion are superior to them, and it helps that she isn’t afraid to spend a little money on a staple piece.

A little black dress 

Having a little black dress is a staple in a woman’s closet. 

With Jinger Duggar having at least a couple, it adds to her fashionista status. With fall wedding season around the corner, she has this ruched-sleeve dress in her closet if needed. 

Pairing it with a pair of sandals or knee-high boots would be a win as well. The little black dress hits above the knee, keeping it on the more rebellious side and less on the modest side.


While some may think dusters went out of style, Jinger Duggar is still wearing them. 

Sweaters or coverups that have long sleeves and go to your knees were a huge fashion statement. They still are, if you ask the reality TV star. 

She has been seen wearing variations from sweater-like material to more cotton-looking pieces. Long sleeves are typical, and if she is sporting them while in California, you know they have to be lightweight. 

If they are fashionable, you can count on Jinger wearing them. 

Over the years, Jinger Duggar has become the resident fashionista. While some of her sisters may occasionally challenge her for that title, she is easily the most fashionable Duggar across the board.

One thing is for sure, though. If someone is looking for fashion advice Jinger is the one they should contact without hesitation.

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