The 20 most stunning photos of the Duggar sisters

The older set of Duggar sisters.
The Duggar sisters are a stunning bunch. Pic credit: @janamduggar/Instagram

It’s been over a decade since the older Duggar sisters were introduced to the reality TV world.

All but Jana have married off, and the younger Duggar sisters are nearly all teenagers now.

From their weddings to the birth of some of their children, viewers have been watching as these young ladies blossomed into beautiful women.

Jinger has changed her look completely, from a brunette to a nearly-blonde. Several of the other sisters have experienced major glow-ups, including some wardrobe switch-ups.

These are some of the most stunning photos of the Duggars sisters throughout the years.

Jana Duggar with Michelle Duggar

Since Jana Duggar joined Instagram a few years ago, she has mostly shared photos from her trips and her garden. She is a beautiful young woman, and this photo of her with her mom shows just how truly stunning she has grown up to be.

It was from a birthday outing she had with her mom, and everything about Jana shines in this picture.

Jessa Duggar with Ivy Jane

Jessa Duggar is easily one of the most beautiful Duggar sisters. She is dainty and takes care of herself well.

In this photo, Jessa looks stunning as she poses in a sleeveless dress while wearing gladiator sandals. It’s clear she enjoys being a mama as she lovingly gazes at her baby girl.

Jinger Duggar in a red sleeveless dress

Jinger Duggar is gorgeous, and even when she isn’t covered in makeup and designer duds, she has a natural glow about her.

In this photo, Jinger is stunning. A sleeveless red dress and a messy high pony fit her perfectly.

Joy-Anna Duggar and Evelyn

Joy-Anna Duggar can go from tomboy to beauty queen in mere seconds these days.

As her sun-kissed glow radiates off her, Joy-Anna looks stunning while holding her baby girl and wearing a black sleeveless maxi dress.

Jill Duggar in her little red dress

When Jill Duggar showed off her little red dress ahead of Derick Dillard’s graduation from law school, followers lost their minds.

The former Counting On star looked stunning in her red dress. It was form-fitting and much different from Jill’s typical attire, which is more boho-ish.

Jinger Duggar in a black leather jacket

Fashion is Jinger Duggar’s forte. She stuns in whatever she wears, but with her blonde hair and a black leather jacket, the Duggar daughter definitely turned heads.

Posing with Jessa is something she loves doing, and she definitely showed her big sister up a little bit with this cute outfit as they spent some time together.

Jana Duggar on a carousel

Jana’s natural beauty always shines through, but something special happens when she lets her inner child come out.

While riding the carousel, Jana stunned in a knee-length jean skirt with a top that matched her sandals. Even in modest clothing, followers gush about the eldest Duggar daughter.

Joy-Anna Duggar and Carlin Bates

There’s something about a best friend who brings out the best in you. Joy-Anna Duggar looked amazing when she spent time with her BFF, Carlin Bates.

The two have been through a lot together, and they continue to help each other shine.

Jill Duggar with a new haircut

Jill Duggar cutting several inches off her hair was a huge deal. The Duggar women are conditioned to keep long hair, and when she debuted her shorter (for her) cut, it was stunning.

This was right around the time news started to leak that there were some breaks in the family. Jill showed off her lighter look, and followers loved it.

Jessa Duggar while pregnant with Spurgeon

Of all of the Duggar sisters, Jessa Duggar really rocks the pregnancy glow. Just a week before she delivered Spurgeon in 2015, Jessa posed for a photo with Ben Seewald and looked absolutely stunning.

As she gears up to welcome baby number four, she is still rocking the baby glow.

Jana Duggar with her dad, Jim Bob Duggar

A beach photo seems to set all the right things off for Jana Duggar. Spending some time on the east coast did well for the eldest daughter, who looked amazing as she had the wind blowing in her hair.

Jana’s light makeup and wispy hair had stunning written all over it.

Jinger Duggar with her mom, Michelle Duggar

There’s something about Michelle Duggar that brings out the best in her girls. Jinger standing next to her mom in this shot really brings out who she is and the beauty she exudes.

Jinger is stunning, and this photo highlights that so well.

Joy-Anna Duggar and Abbie Grace Burnett

Spending time with sisters is often some of the best times. Joy-Anna Duggar hanging out with Abbie Grace Burnett while their husbands were gone brought out a fresh and clean look for her.

A barely-there makeup look is great on Joy-Anna.

Jill Duggar promoting Amy Duggar King’s boutique

Never one to put the spotlight on herself, Jill Duggar rarely posted selfies. This one is gorgeous and highlights her stunning eyes.

When Jill puts herself together and gets dressed up, she knocks it out of the park.

Jessa Duggar in her wedding gown

When Jessa Duggar married Ben Seewald in 2014, she looked like a fairytale princess. She was the second Duggar daughter to get married, and it was just a few months after Jill tied the knot.

Stunning doesn’t even do her look justice, but it’s a start. Jessa made a gorgeous bride.

Jinger Duggar in her wedding gown

Jinger Duggar looked amazing when she married Jeremy Vuolo in 2016. She had her sisters standing by her side, making the event even more special.

Looking fabulous on her wedding day was an understatement. Jinger killed it and made an absolutely gorgeous bride.

Joy-Anna Duggar in her wedding gown

Joy-Anna Duggar looked fantastic in her wedding gown when she married Austin Forsyth. The two had many ups and downs while planning their big day, but when she walked down to meet him, he was speechless.

She cleaned up nicely and made a stunning bride.

Jana Duggar by the water

Jana Duggar is living her best life when she is by the water, and this photo highlights it. She is wearing a white flowy dress with print on it.

While the photo was part of a partnership with a clothing boutique, it is one where Jana absolutely stuns with her beautiful smile.

Jill Duggar in her wedding gown

As the first Duggar daughter to get married, all eyes were on Jill Duggar when she tied the knot with Derick Dillard in 2014. She chose a very classic look with a veil and a sleeveless dress.

This is one of the first times Jill was super dolled up, and she looked phenomenal when she met her groom at the altar.

Jinger Duggar with blonde hair

When Jinger Duggar debuted her blonde locks, she shocked her entire fanbase. This was the first big move done by one of Jim Bob and Michelle’s daughters, and all eyes were on her.

The Blonde looked stunning on Jinger and fit with her new Hollywood lifestyle.

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