Outlander: Starz announces the Season 6 episode titles

Sophie Skelton as Brianna, Caitriona Balfe as Claire, and Sam Heughan as Jamie, as seen in Season 6 of Starz's Outlander
Sophie Skelton as Brianna, Caitriona Balfe as Claire, and Sam Heughan as Jamie, as seen in Season 6 of Outlander. Pic credit: Starz

Season 6 of Starz’s wildly popular time-traveling historical drama series, Outlander, will premiere in March. Along with sharing plenty of teaser clips and interviews of the cast, the network has just announced the episode titles.

Already, there is plenty to ponder regarding the storylines for the upcoming season.

Season 5 of Outlander left Claire Fraser (Caitriona Balfe) traumatized after a brutal attack by Lionel Brown (Ned Dennehy) and his men. Along with this, another time traveler is revealed, by the name of Wendigo Donner (Brennan Martin).

This already gives viewers plenty to hash over until Season 6 drops. On top of that, there is also the beginnings of the American Revolutionary War and the arrival of the Christies, which will cause further conflict for Claire and Jamie (Sam Heughan), among several other storylines.

However, now that the titles have dropped for Season 6 of Outlander, viewers can also focus on the potential meaning of these as well.

Season 6 episode titles for Outlander

Sharing several tweets to the official Outlander Twitter account, Starz revealed the episode titles, which can be seen below.

  • Episode 601: Echoes
  • Episode 602: Allegiance
  • Episode 603: Temperance
  • Episode 604: Hour of the Wolf
  • Episode 605: Give Me Liberty
  • Episode 606: The World Turned Upside Down
  • Episode 607: Sticks and Stones
  • Episode 608: I am not Alone

As can be seen, a lot of the titles are fairly generic in nature, being only single words.

Some of the titles can likely be attributed to the book series on which Outlander is based. This will give fans of Diana Gabaldon’s series some insider information.

However, a discussion on Reddit regarding the title names saw Redditors scratching their heads regarding many of them.

One title, though, saw book fans agreeing that this likely related to a huge plot point from the sixth book in the series, A Breath of Snow and Ashes. While not specifically noted outright, it seems likely that Episode 6, “The World Turned Upside Down,” will relate to the storyline involving the Christies.

Here’s why Season 6 of Outlander is shorter

Many fans have also noted that the titles for only eight episodes were shared by Starz. As previously reported by Monsters and Critics, Season 6 of Outlander will be a shorter season than normal.

This is due to the fact that the world is currently still going through the coronavirus pandemic. The series showrunner gave a statement on the matter in June of last year.

“Filming in 2021 has presented an unprecedented set of challenges which led us to the decision to truncate the season in order to bring the fans the most vibrant and dynamic season as soon as possible,” Matthew B. Roberts said.

Roberts also stated that Season 7 of Outlander will run for 16 episodes in order to make up for this season’s shortfall.

The Season 6 premiere episode will run at 90 minutes and the other episodes will also be super-sized.

Season 6 of Outlander will premiere on March 6, 2022, on Starz.

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