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NCIS spoilers: Star says season finale ending wasn’t in the script

Jimmy And Kasie NCIS
Jimmy and Kasie are underrated stars of the NCIS cast. Pic credit: CBS

NCIS spoilers from the season finale include quite a bit of information that will shape how Season 19 looks.

And now, one of the stars of the show says that they had no idea the ending of the episode was going to go the way that it did.

We have a full NCIS recap from the season finale, covering all of the important details. That includes why a lot of fans are worried that Emily Wickersham left NCIS.

Let’s jump right to the very ending of the episode. Right after Gibbs explained Rule 91 to Bishop, he started driving off with his new boat in tow.

We got to see Bishop explain to Torres why she was undertaking this new mission, and then the episode went back to Gibbs on his boat.

Gibbs’ boat blows up with him in it?

As Tom Petty was blaring in the background, viewers watched as Gibbs effortlessly guided his boat across the water. A big smile was on his face, and it appeared that he was laughing to some internal monologue as he continued skirting across the water.

Then, suddenly, the boat exploded, and we saw Gibbs’ lifeless body in the water. But right before the credits rolled, we saw him start to swim off. Planned by Gibbs? Was he targeted? Will he survive? Is Mark Harmon leaving NCIS?

There are a lot of unanswered questions as we head into the summer hiatus.

NCIS star Diona Reasonover, who plays Forensic Scientist Kasie Hines on the show, was live-tweeting the season finale and reacting to each big moment as it took place. That included the moment that Gibbs’ boat exploded.

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“That ending wasn’t in the script!!! I’m not kidding!!!” Reasonover stated as she excitedly posted to Twitter.

“My jaw dropped! That was the fastest hour of my life,” Reasonover later posted.

Diona Twitter Chat
Diona chats with fans during NCIS finale. Pic credit: @DionaReasonover/Twitter

It’s understandable why the NCIS writers would want to keep a big moment like this a secret from most of the cast. It helps them avoid spoilers getting leaked, and it helped preserve some of the excitement for that final scene. The bad part is that we have to wait until next television season to find out why this all took place in the finale.

NCIS returns on a new night in Season 19

It’s great that NCIS Season 19 will arrive in the fall and that there are many more new episodes left for the fans to watch. Some bad news has come with that renewal, though, as NCIS is leaving Tuesday nights on the fall CBS schedule. The network wants to try airing three FBI shows on Tuesday evenings and had to clear the decks.

Hopefully, this does not end up being foreshadowing that Season 19 will be the end of the series. Once NCIS: New Orleans got moved away from Tuesday nights, it took a huge hit in the ratings, and then it got canceled. We don’t want to see the same fate with NCIS.

As for the NCIS spoilers that fans really want to know now… how did Gibbs get that boat out of his basement?

NCIS returns with Season 19 episodes in the fall of 2021 on CBS.

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