NCIS spoilers: Details on what brings back a fan-favorite character

Dr Jimmy Palmer On NCIS
Brian Dietzen (he plays Dr. Jimmy Palmer) wrote an important upcoming episode of NCIS. Pic credit: CBS

NCIS spoilers have revealed that Meredith Eaton returns as Carol Wilson later in Season 19.

Now, there are a few additional details out there, including what episode she will be appearing in.

This all ties back to the news that actor Brian Dietzen would be writing a future episode of NCIS.

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Work on that episode has been completed, with Dietzen (who plays Dr. Jimmy Palmer) sharing a key photo on social media that ties everything together.

When does Meredith Eaton rejoin the NCIS cast?

On NCIS Season 19, Episode 13, fans of the show will get to see Meredith Eaton reprise her role as Carol Wilson.

For anyone who doesn’t immediately remember Carol on NCIS, she was a researcher at the Center for Disease Control and an old college friend of NCIS Forensic Scientist Abigail Sciuto.

At the time, star Pauley Perrette (Abby) stated that Meredith Eaton was her real-life best friend, so it led to them having a lot of fun on set together.

For NCIS fans who want to go back and watch her episodes, Eaton first appeared in a 2009 episode called Faith, later returned for a 2011 NCIS episode called Devil’s Triangle and a 2013 episode called Homesick, and then popped up on an episode of NCIS: New Orleans called Carrier in 2014.

“Sometimes you get to write something for tv. And sometimes that means you get to hang out with friends you haven’t seen in far too long.
So happy you’re here @themereaton! #NCIS,” Brian Dietzen wrote on an Instagram post of an image of himself and Eaton on set.

Why does Carol Wilson appear on NCIS again?

“With the team desperately needing the help of an expert immunologist, who better than Meredith’s beloved ‘Carol Wilson’ to come and save the day? The only real question is, will she be in time?” executive producer Steven D. Binder told TV Insider recently.

The setup for the episode certainly sounds interesting, while also hinting at someone on the NCIS cast being in danger.

The upcoming winter premiere of NCIS is Season 19, Episode 10, which means there are also a few additional new episodes before the one featuring Carol Wilson will air this winter/spring. As a reminder, Dietzen wrote Episode 13, which is the one Carol will reappear on.

And don’t worry NCIS fans, because when we get close to CBS debuting that new episode, it’s a very safe bet that there is going to be a lot of promotion going on to make sure that everyone tunes in to see what takes place.

NCIS airs Mondays at 9/8c on CBS.

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Rattling Destrsf
Rattling Destrsf
1 year ago

I love Meredith Eaton so much. I really hope she isn’t in just one episode but makes her way back to the show as a permanent member