NCIS: Los Angeles spoilers: Video of Hetty’s return in Season 12

Hetty Returns To NCIS LA
Actress Linda Hunt is back as Hetty Lange for NCIS: LA Season 12, Episode 18. Pic credit: CBS

NCIS: Los Angeles spoilers about the season finale now include the network releasing a video clip of Hetty Lange returning to the show.

On the last episode of NCIS: LA, we saw Joelle use the NCIS team to help get revenge against the people who had wronged her. Then, during the promo for the next episode, we got to see Hetty pop up briefly in a scene with Nell Jones.

Now, CBS and the show have released a video clip for the new episode that features Nell and Hetty exchanging some lines in the offices. It’s a great sneak peek for the episode called A tale of Two Igors and it definitely leaves us wanting to see more.

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In an earlier sneak peek for the NCIS: Los Angeles season finale, we got to see another character return for some more scenes with Nell. It also showcases Retired Navy Admiral Hollace Kilbride is giving Nell an ultimatum about her time with NCIS.

Hetty and Nell on NCIS: LA season finale

Below is the scene that has been released for NCIS: Los Angeles Season 12, Episode 18. This is the episode that will air for the first time on Sunday, May 23, and it will bring the current season of the show to a close. There is a lot to cover during the hour, including some intense drama about Marty Deeks, but fans have been looking forward to this scene with Hetty for nearly the entire year.

NCIS: Los Angeles 12x18 Sneak Peek Clip 1 "A Tale of Two Igors" (Season Finale)

How will NCIS: Los Angeles Season 12 end?

There is only one hour left of the show this spring, but there are many more questions about how NCIS: LA will wrap up Season 12. That includes the regular drama about whether or not characters are leaving the show, and we are really hoping that nobody from the central cast is leaving this time.

NCIS: LA Season 13 has already been ordered at CBS, so the series is returning with new episodes in the fall, no matter how the season finale finishes. We hope that there isn’t a big cliffhanger as the long summer hiatus begins, but this is a show that has done it in the past, so it would be equally unsurprising.

There are going to be three NCIS shows on CBS in the fall, with NCIS Season 19 beginning and a new NCIS spin-off in Hawaii also debuting. There are a lot of changes within the CBS television schedule, including NCIS: Hawaii debuting on Monday nights at 10/9c.

In regard to those schedule changes, NCIS fans are not happy the show was moved off of Tuesday nights.

The good news is that NCIS: LA will be back at its 9/8c timeslot on Sunday evenings in the fall, but it will no longer lead into NCIS: New Orleans, as that show was canceled by CBS. The series finale for NCIS: NOLA airs on Sunday, May 23, right after the latest season finale for NCIS: LA.

NCIS: Los Angeles airs Sundays at 9/8c on CBS.

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