NCIS: Los Angeles season finale sneak peek features returning character

NCIS Finale Shot
The NCIS: Los Angeles season finale has a lot of ground to cover. Pic credit: CBS

The NCIS: Los Angeles season finale airs on Sunday night and a new sneak peek gives fans a glimpse of a returning character who plays an important part during the episode.

Season 12, Episode 18 of NCIS: Los Angeles is called A Tale of Two Igors and it airs for the first time on Sunday, May 23.

There are a lot of storylines that need to be wrapped up, including a huge plot point revolving around Marty Deeks that will be revealed early in the episode.

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But for long-time fans of the show, returning characters could end being a focal point of the night. That includes the return of Eric Beale.

On the last episode of NCIS: LA, Joelle returned and played the NCIS team in order to take a step toward personal revenge. Callen trusted her and that ended up backfiring when she revealed that she had used the NCIS team in order to plant a mole with a notable Russian criminal. That story isn’t done.

NCIS: Los Angeles sneak peek from season finale

In a new sneak peek that CBS has revealed for the NCIS: LA season finale, we get to see a character that fans have wondered about as he drives up to the NCIS headquarters. Nell Jones is there to greet him and we get some of that patented humor the show has become known for over its 12 years on CBS.

And this isn’t just a random drop-by, either, as he has something really important to talk to Nell about as she weighs her career options. But first, Nell reveals that Kilbride has given her an ultimatum that is certainly going to rush her decision. But is it really rushed with how much she has thought about it this season?

NCIS: Los Angeles 12x18 Sneak Peek Clip 3 "A Tale of Two Igors" (Season Finale)

More about the NCIS: LA season finale

When Chris O’Donnell spoke about the NCIS: LA season finale, he said that fans will “be pleased” with what’s going to take place. Hearing that straight from the man who plays Callen is a really big deal, but it also serves as a huge tease about the conclusion of Season 12.

For anyone who hasn’t seen the news yet, NCIS: LA Season 13 has also been ordered by CBS. It means that no matter how this season finale concludes, we are going to get to watch new episodes in the fall.

CBS also released its fall 2021 schedule, which includes some shocking news about NCIS on Tuesday nights. It also reveals what night we will get to watch NCIS: Hawaii in the fall. The introduction of that new NCIS spin-off is taking place because the network has canceled NCIS: New Orleans.

As for the NCIS: New Orleans series finale, it also airs on Sunday night, and we have a sneak peek of Pride’s wedding. It’s going to be a busy night on Sunday, beginning with the season finale of The Equalizer, continuing with a dramatic episode of NCIS: LA, and ending with the conclusion to NCIS: NOLA.

NCIS: Los Angeles airs Sundays at 9/8c on CBS.

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