NCIS: Hawaii cast adds Noah Mills from Falcon and Winter Soldier

Noah Mills Red Carpet
Noah Mills has joined the NCIS: Hawaii cast. Pic credit: ©

A new member of the NCIS: Hawaii cast was recently revealed for the show.

Noah Mills, who was recently seen on the first season of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, has been tapped to join the new NCIS spin-off.

Other key members of the NCIS: Hawaii cast were revealed earlier in May. That includes Vanessa Lachey, who will play the agent in charge.

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CBS also released a teaser trailer for the NCIS spin-off, giving fans a look at the great scenery and the star of the show.

We still have a few months left to go before the NCIS: Hawaii series premiere airs on CBS, so there isn’t a promo out for that first episode yet. In fact, they are still adding more people to the show.

A new NCIS: Hawaii cast member

According to Variety, actor Noah Mills has been added to NCIS: Hawaii as an important character.

“Mills will play Jesse, a former big city homicide detective who’s settled in a new life in Hawai‘i,” states the article from Variety.

It continues by stating that he is, “An expert interrogator with a knack for good old fashioned police work,” that he is, “a devoted family man who runs 4-H camping trips for his kid,” and that “he knows every nook and cranny of the island’s hiking trails.”

It also appears that Jesse has worked with Jane Tennant (Lachey’s character) for a long time before the show even gets started. 

More acting credits for Noah Mills

Noah Mills has appeared on a number of other television shows and movies over the years. He was most recently seen as Nico on The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. He was part of the Flag Smashers, and without giving too much away from that show, Nico had some very memorable scenes.

Mills also appeared as Colin Davis on The Baker and the Beauty, as Jason Bragg on The Enemy Within, as Joseph “McG” McGuire on The Brave, and also as Robbie during some of the first few episodes of 2 Broke Girls.

Now, we are going to see Mills as one of the main cast members on NCIS: Hawaii, and CBS viewers will become very familiar with him.

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When is the NCIS: Hawaii start date?

CBS has not yet released the start date of its new NCIS spin-off, but we expect it to fall on the same day as the NCIS Season 19 premiere. That will likely be toward the end of September or in early October, but we will make sure to pass it on when we learn that information.

What we do know is that CBS plans to air NCIS: Hawaii on Monday nights in the fall. The tentative television schedule has new episodes of NCIS: Hawaii airing Monday evenings at 10/9c. It will follow the new season of NCIS, which could be a big shock to long-time fans of the series. For years, NCIS has aired on Tuesday nights, but CBS is going to stop doing that.

NCIS: Hawaii will debut in the fall of 2021 on CBS.

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