NCIS cast: Is Mark Harmon leaving the show in Season 19?

NCIS Gibbs And Sloane
Gibbs and Sloane have always been good together on the NCIS cast. Pic credit: CBS

The cast of NCIS for Season 19 could look a little different. There is a new report out stating that star Mark Harmon will not be a full-time cast member if the show gets renewed again.

These NCIS rumors were relayed by the Hollywood Reporter, with the site stating that it has sources close to the situation.

According to the magazine, Harmon heard about CBS looking to cancel NCIS if he decided to leave the show. That reportedly convinced him to negotiate to return for “a handful of episodes” in Season 19.

All of this information makes it seem like the character of Gibbs has nearly come to the end of the road with the franchise. If Harmon is slated to return as Gibbs on a part-time basis, it may simply mean that he is ready to retire from the job. It could end up looking similar to how Ducky stepped down as the medical examiner but pops up now and then to help with a new case.

The great news is that it doesn’t appear like NCIS would kill off Gibbs in order to move in a different direction.

NCIS news: One show canceled, another to premiere

We just learned the sad news that NCIS: New Orleans was canceled by CBS. The show will officially come to an end with the Season 7 finale. Scott Bakula has served as the primary star of the show, but many fans still really miss actor Lucas Black (who played Christopher LaSalle).

Mark Harmon served as the executive producer for NCIS: NOLA, and he also appeared in a few episodes over the years. He was a familiar face that helped to get the show off the ground when it was first getting started as a backdoor pilot.

There is now chatter about a new NCIS show starting soon that would be based in Hawaii. This would presumably take the place of NCIS: New Orleans at the network, with a brand new cast exploring some new stories on the islands.

NCIS Season 19 thoughts

CBS still hasn’t made any official announcements about NCIS Season 19. The show continues to do well in the ratings, suggesting it could be easy to assume that it will get renewed again. It’s an expensive show to make, though, and losing the star is not a great way to get new episodes.

Even if Mark Harmon decides to come back for a few episodes in Season 19, that looks like it would end up being the final season for the series. If that’s the case, at least fans will have a while to prepare mentally for when the NCIS series finale does arrive. We will also need to thank Harmon if it does turn out that the only reason NCIS even gets a 19th season is due to him being willing to come back in a recurring role instead of as the star.

NCIS airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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Ikuo Painter
Ikuo Painter
2 years ago

Hell no it can not happen he is the show.

Jim Morris
Jim Morris
2 years ago

If 19 is to be their last season, they need to bring Tony and Ziva back for some episodes and complete that storyline. Possible a couple of additional episodes with ‘young Gibbs’ and ‘young Ducky’ too. That would hold interest in the episodes where Mark Harmon is not featured!

Bernadine Lane
Bernadine Lane
2 years ago

I hope Mark Harmon does leave he makes the show