Love After Lockup spoilers: Where are Megan, Michael, and Sarah now?

Sarah and Megan are both dating Michael on Love After Lockup
Sarah and Megan meet face to face to discuss Michael. Pic credit: WEtv

Love After Lockup has sparked curiosity from reality television viewers. The love triangle between Michael, Megan, and Sarah has garnered plenty of attention – most of it negative.

Now that the confrontation between the women is coming, viewers want to know who Michael is with and where the two women are today.

Sarah Simmons revealed she was carrying Michael’s second child. The two got married while he was locked up, and when he came home, she fell pregnant.

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There are plenty of questions about her pregnancy, and in an attempt to quell the rumors, Sarah shared a bump photo. It has since been removed, causing more upset among Love After Lockup viewers.

Where is Sarah now?

On social media, Sarah Simmons has been talking about her pregnancy. She is indeed pregnant, but details about it have not been shared. According to the timeline set by Love After Lockup, it appeared that Sarah should have had the baby already. With editing at play, there is no telling what is actually happening.

It is unclear if Sarah and Michael are still together. They did a live on Instagram after last week’s show, but they were in separate locations. She is not allowed to speak about their marital status due to Love After Lockup’s contract restrictions, but she promises all will be revealed.

It looks like they have split for now, but there is no telling what will happen with another baby added into the mix.

Where is Megan?

Around the time Love After Lockup began airing, Megan disappeared from social media. She recently popped back up on Instagram with an entirely new handle. Viewers were quick to alert Sarah that Megan had returned, but she didn’t appear bothered.

Megan was the other woman in the scenario with Michael and Sarah. He claimed he wanted to be with his mistress more, but it looks like Megan got played. She waited around for him, and when she decided to pop up on him in New York, she learned about Sarah too.

The confrontation is supposed to air on this week’s Love After Lockup. Viewers have been waiting for this for weeks. What will happen when they come face to face?

It looks like Megan may have been put out by Michael. She recently shared a photo from the day they spent at Niagra Falls, which started speculation about her missing him. Could she still want Michael to be in her life?

As of now, Michael is no longer locked up. He was reportedly sent back to jail for a violation, but given that he was on Instagram live last week, it looks like that was handled. What happens next remains to be seen.

Love After Lockup airs on Friday nights at 9/8c on WEtv.

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