9 most toxic relationships from Love After Lockup and Life After Lockup

WE TV’s hit reality shows Love After Lockup and Life After Lockup follow people who have started relationships with incarcerated individuals and produce insane and explosive relationship drama that is too good to miss. Many of the people on the show are train wrecks, and their destructive behavior highly affects everyone around them and makes


Life After Lockup exclusive: Sarah Simmons previews new season, talks life

Sarah Simmons is known for her relationship with Michael Simmons and their stint on Love After Lockup. Following a successful season on the show, they were moved to Life After Lockup. Viewers have watched as Sarah navigates the world while raising her two beautiful little girls while Michael continues to parade his flavor of the

Love After Lockup spoilers: Where are Megan, Michael, and Sarah now?

Love After Lockup has sparked curiosity from reality television viewers. The love triangle between Michael, Megan, and Sarah has garnered plenty of attention – most of it negative. Now that the confrontation between the women is coming, viewers want to know who Michael is with and where the two women are today. Sarah Simmons revealed

Love After Lockup star Sarah Simmons shares first baby bump photo

Love After Lockup has fans all riled up when it comes to Sarah Simmons. She revealed she was pregnant on two episodes of the show, and yet, there was no proof. The situation between Sarah and Michael Simmons is also complicated by his girlfriend, Megan. As viewers found out earlier in the season, Michael is

Love After Lockup pregnancy: Is Sarah Simmons really pregnant?

Sarah Simmons has baffled Love After Lockup viewers. She announced she was pregnant on the show, but her social media accounts don’t support that. Simmons has been sharing photos on Instagram, and there was never a baby bump spotted. On Twitter, Sarah Simmons clapped back at doubters who were asking questions about her second child.

Love After Lockup star Sarah Simmons confirms pregnancy

Love After Lockup couple Michael and Sarah have drawn a lot of attention. When the season first began, she was a surprise. Megan was the girl who was paired with Michael when the couples were announced, and then, viewers learned he had a wife too! A few episodes ago, Love After Lockup viewers saw Sarah

Love After Lockup spoilers: Are Sarah and Michael still together?

Love After Lockup is garnering a lot of attention because of Season 2 and complicated love life of  Michael Simmons. Initially, he was introduced with Brittany, the virgin from Fort Worth, Texas. Unfortunately, she was not his only relationship – he also had a wife waiting for him. Sarah Simmons was introduced into the mix