Love After Lockup pregnancy: Is Sarah Simmons really pregnant?

Sarah Simmons on Love After Lockup
Sarah is pregnant with her husband’s baby. Pic credit: WEtv

Sarah Simmons has baffled Love After Lockup viewers. She announced she was pregnant on the show, but her social media accounts don’t support that. Simmons has been sharing photos on Instagram, and there was never a baby bump spotted.

On Twitter, Sarah Simmons clapped back at doubters who were asking questions about her second child. Based on the timeline of Love After Lockup, the baby would have already been born. At this point, Simmons has not shared another baby with the public.

Did Sarah Simmons lose the baby?

There is speculation that she may have miscarried her second child due to the stress Michael Simmons put her under with his side chick Megan. Sarah has said she will not be giving out information regarding dates or anything else surrounding the pregnancy.

Friday’s episode is when Love After Lockup viewers should be able to see Sarah Simmons’ baby bump. This is also when she should be sitting down with Megan when she finds out about their secret relationship.

Nothing was resolved between them because, as we know, Sarah and Megan battled it out on social media ahead of Megan deleting her social media.

Where are Sarah and Michael at today?

The jury is out on this one. At one point, Sarah Simmons alluded that she was no longer with Michael. Now, it looks like the narrative has changed.

As their story plays out, it will be interesting to see where they went after the confrontation with Megan.

Michael and Sarah Simmons are already married and share a child. Is that enough for him to choose his wife over his side chick?

Love After Lockup airs on Friday nights at 9/8c on WEtv.

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