Love After Lockup spoilers: Are Sarah and Michael still together?

Sarah and Michael Simmons on Love After Lockup
Sarah and Michael are married, but what will happen when she finds out about Megan. Pic credit: WEtv

Love After Lockup is garnering a lot of attention because of Season 2 and complicated love life of  Michael Simmons. Initially, he was introduced with Brittany, the virgin from Fort Worth, Texas. Unfortunately, she was not his only relationship – he also had a wife waiting for him.

Sarah Simmons was introduced into the mix on Love After Lockup and she had no idea her husband and the father of her child was entertaining another woman on the side. This love triangle sent social media into a tizzy, one that Sarah couldn’t help but comment on.

Megan and Sarah beef on social media

After both women were caught looking foolish on national television, taking to social media was the only thing that could have made the situation worse. Since then, Sarah Simmons has tweeted along with the show, commenting about her relationship with Michael Simmons. It looks like Megan deleted her Twitter account after several rounds of back and forth with her boyfriend’s wife.

During one of the exchanges, Sarah Simmons calls out Megan for knowing about her. She insists that she knew Michael had a girl and a child back home. While it was confirmed that Megan knew about his daughter, she talked in the Love After Lockup confessional over and over again about his “baby mama.”

Is anyone still with Michael?

The burning question is whether either of the women chose to stay with Michael Simmons. It looks like the answer is still up in the air. They both talk about him like he is no longer in their lives. Sarah Simmons has been focused on raising her daughter and has retweeted a couple of things that make it appear like she is no longer with him.

Megan seemed to be more sensitive to Michael, and she is more forgiving than most would be. Some of the tweets appeared to insinuate that she lost her virginity to him, despite learning about his wife. If that is the case, she had to at least spend some time with him after his release.

There are so many more questions about this Love After Lockup love triangle, and some of them won’t be answered during the season. Michael Simmons is reportedly back behind bars, and now, neither Megan or Sarah Simmons can be with him on the outside.

Will either girl wait for him while he undoubtedly serves more time?

Love After Lockup airs Friday nights at 9/8c on WEtv.

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