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Locke & Key renewed for second season by Netflix

Locke & Key renewed for second season by Netflix
Locke & Key is getting a second season. Pic credit: Netflix

Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez’s series, Locke & Key, had a long road before it finally made it to the small screen.

It had starts and stops and missteps and then finally arrived on Netflix.

The good news is that the series was really good and stayed true to the source material while making necessary changes to make it work better on television.

Now, Netflix has greenlit a second season for Locke & Key.

Locke & Key renewed

At a time where most of the news in the entertainment industry is about things getting shut down, Netflix has some good news for a change.

The news broke thanks to the Netflix Twitter account.

“More keys, more demons, more aloha Locke & Key is officially returning for season two!!”

Showrunners Carlton Cus and Meredith Averill also released a statement via Deadline about the renewal.

They said they are thrilled to be returning to run the second season of Locke & Key while also thanking Netflix for the renewal. They also pointed out the difficult time in the world right now and how that makes this even more special.

As for Netflix, they released this in a statement:

“See the stakes grow higher for the Locke siblings as they embrace their role as the new Keepers of the Keys.”

Locke & Key Season 2

Spoilers follow for those who have not watched the first season of Locke & Key.

The second season was needed.

The first season ended with the Locke siblings believing they rid the world of the evil Dodge by sending the demon back into the world from which it came.

However, as the show revealed in the twist ending, that wasn’t the real Dodge. The demon forcibly used one of the Keys on Ellie, a childhood friend of the Locke children’s dad, to make her look like the demon.

It was Ellie who was sent screaming for help into the netherworld.

Then, the final twist was that Kinsey’s boyfriend, Gabe, turned out to be Dodge — and he was Dodge all along, playing with Kinsey’s emotions to get close to the children and the keys he so desperately wanted.

Also, Eden Hawkins — the mean girl that became an ally — was struck by one of the demons trying to escape and is now possessed by a demon as well, an ally to Dodge.

The Locke children thought they won and that they were safe in Lovecraft. However, if the second season follows the comics, Dodge is going to start bringing more people to the portal and try to build an army to take over the world.

Plus, bad things might start to happen to Bode.

There is no telling when the second season of Locke & Key will arrive, as they have to wait until the coronavirus pandemic allows large groups to gather together again.

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