Bode on Locke & Key: It actor takes on major role in Netflix original series

Bode on Locke & Key: It actor takes on major role in Netflix original series
Connor Jessup, Jackson Robert Scott, and Emilia Jones on Locke & Key. Pic credit: Ken Woroner/Netflix

Locke & Key hit Netflix today and the beloved and critically acclaimed Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez story was finally brought to life.

As fans of the comics know, Bode played a large role in the battle against evil, but his story changed drastically from the comics.

Here is a look at Bode from the Netflix series as well as the young actor who played him.

Bode on Locke & Key

The story of Locke & Key followed a family who lost their dad to a senseless murder and then moved from the West Coast to the coastal town of Lovecraft (changed to Matheson), Massachusettes.

The kids in the family included teenagers Tyler (Connor Jessup) and Kinsey (Emilia Jones) and their little brother Bode (Jackson Robert Scott).

In both the Netflix original series and the Hill/Rodriguez comic books, Bode is the one who discovers the keys, realizes they are all magical, and accidentally releases the demon Dodge from its well.

However, there are some major changes in the Netflix series concerning Bode.

In the series, it is Bode who is at the forefront of the battle with Dodge, which makes it hard to read sometimes because very bad things happen to the little boy, written as the only truly innocent soul in the entire household.

Knowing what happens to Bode heading into the Netflix series caused anxiety that never paid off as the television adaptation gave Kinsey and Tyler a larger role and pushed Bode off to the side much of the time.

However, it is still Bode who is wide-eyed and curious and one of the keys to finally defeating evil in Locke & Key.

Who is Jackson Robert Scott on Locke & Key

When watching Locke & Key, fans of horror will recognize him.

As a matter of fact, he is ironically best known for his work in a Stephen King movie.

See, author Joe Hill is the son of Stephen King and that ties Locke & Key in with the Master of Horror’s works of fiction.

While Jackson Robert Scott was the key character of Bode in Locke & Key, he also played young Georgie Denbrough in It Chapter One and It Chapter Two.

Georgie was the little boy that Pennywise killed that pulled his brother Bill into the horrors of Derry, Maine.

In some interesting trivia, Locke & Key has been in development for a long time, moving from Fox to Hulu to Netflix. Through all its iterations, Jackson Robert Scott was the only actor to remain on board through the entire process.

All 10 episodes of Locke & Key are currently streaming on Netflix.

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