Locke & Key spoilers: Netflix original’s ending explained

Locke & Key spoilers: Netflix original's ending explained
The Locke children in Locke & Key. Pic credit: Christos Kalohoridis/Netflix

Locke & Key was based on the Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez comic book series about a family who moves into their ancestral home and finds magical keys, while inadvertently unlocking a demon from its cage.

When the father of the Locke family dies after one of his students shoots him, his wife Nina takes their three children, Tyler, Kinsey, and Bode, from the West Coast to a small coastal town in Massachusetts called Matheson.

Almost immediately upon entering the home, the youngest son Bode finds a mysterious key that opens a door to anywhere he wants to go. This is just one of many keys in the Key House, each with its own unique power.

However, Bode also unlocked a demon named Dodge. This Demon wants to gather all the keys it can to unlock a mysterious door and the three kids are the only people who can stop it.

Here is an explanation of the ending to the Netflix original series, Locke & Key.

Needless to say, spoilers follow.

Locke & Key ending explained

The major climax for Locke & Key saw Tyler, Kinsey, and Bode go into battle with Dutch, who had gained the Crown of Shadows and the Shadow Key, which allowed her to control shadow monsters.

Bode saved everyone when he stabbed Dodge with his toy lightsaber equipped with the Fire Key.

They then join up with their friends to take Dodge to the Omega Door and send the demon back to where it came from.

Except, that isn’t what happened.

After this event, just as the Locke kids were celebrating their win, it turned out that the Dodge they sent to the other side was actually Ellie Whedon, a friend of their dad’s who was forced to help Dodge.

Dodge then forcibly used one of the Keys on Ellie to change her appearance, making her look just like Dodge. So the kids banished one of their father’s last remaining friends to the other side.

That was when the biggest twist occurred.

It turns out that one of Kinsey’s closest friends, Gabe, was never a real boy at all. It was Dodge in another of her disguises. The finale showed how Dodge was able to move back and forth between Gabe and Dodge and fool Kinsey.

However, there was one more twist.

One of the demons firing through the Omega Door actually hit Eden Hawkins and that meant that like Lucas years before becoming Dodge, Eden was now also possessed by a demon.

Now, Eden and Gabe are both demon-possessed teenagers in Matheson and the Locke kids are not done yet.

What is next for Locke & Key?

There were some big changes for the Locke & Key Netflix series when it comes to the comics.

For one thing, that battle with the shadows and the final opening of the Omega Door was not the climax to the comic book story. Instead, it dealt more with Bode possessed by Dodge.

Furthermore, Dodge’s goals in the comics didn’t really play out in the first season of Locke & Key.

The final twist opens up the door for a second season if the ratings warrant it. That second season would give the TV show a chance to cut to the beef of the comics — Dodge wanting to bring as many kids to the Omega Door as she can to create an army.

A second season could also give Tyler a chance to learn more about how the Lockes made the keys and deal with him making the key to save them all — The Alpha Key.

All 10 episodes of Locke & Key are currently streaming on Netflix.

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