Is Sylvie Brett leaving Chicago Fire? New footage worries fans

Brett Face Chicago Fire
Kara Killmer plays Paramedic Sylvie Brett on the Chicago Fire cast. Pic credit: Adrian S. Burrows Sr./NBCUniversal

Chicago Fire is bringing the heat this spring.

The show returned from hiatus with a dramatic episode suggesting a local politician might have it in for Firehouse 51.

Based on early footage for the next episode, Sylvie Brett’s future at the fire station is questioned.

“Herrmann works on becoming a better man after Cindy’s cancer journey. Kidd bonds with a homeless victim on a call. Kylie takes her firefighter exams. A harrowing call takes a toll on Brett,” reads the full synopsis for Chicago Fire Season 11, Episode 20.

Within the synopsis, a toll on Brett is revealed. This takes place on a call featured in the footage shared below.

The new episode is called Never, Ever Make a Mistake. It debuts on Wednesday, May 10, and has some important overtones.

The early footage for the episode also may hint at the spoilers about the Chicago Fire season finale that popped up.

Chicago Fire Season 11, Episode 20 TV promo

In the TV promo for the new episode, viewers see that the previous shift at Firehouse 51 failed to stock Ambulance 81 properly.

This may lead to consequences on a call that Brett and Violet Mikami respond to.

“If you don’t file charges for this, I will quit,” Sylvie Brett says as the footage runs.

The promo is made to look like Brett is about to quit, but it may also be the case that footage was merged to create this quote.

Actress Kara Killmer has not announced a departure from the show, making it unclear whether or not Sylvie Brett will still be around next season.

Either way, the tense moments will be featured in the May 10 episode.

More from Chicago Fire

As previously reported by Monsters and Critics, someone is returning to the Chicago Fire cast.

NBC confirmed the news, and the character returns during the season finale.

Only three new episodes are left for Chicago Fire Season 11 before the long summer hiatus begins.

After that, it could be a bit of a wait until new content arrives. Chicago Fire Season 12 has been ordered, but the Hollywood writers strike could delay fall programming.

And since the show is returning, the odds are high that the current season of Chicago Fire will end on a cliffhanger.

To catch up on Chicago Fire episodes or to re-watch past content, everything is available for streaming on Peacock.

Streaming past episodes may be the only way to see Taylor Kinney on the show, as the writers hinted that Kelly Severide is not returning this season.

Chicago Fire airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on NBC.

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Megan Arin Hallisey
Megan Arin Hallisey
27 days ago

It is 61 not 81. Ambo 61 and Truck 81 are 2 of the rigs in Chicago Fire.

25 days ago

People who write for this can’t even keep numbers straight. You have to have a fan correct you on the ambulance number if it’s 61 not 81!! Duh!!! How much does this writer get paid!!