FBI: the biggest moments of Season 4

FBI season 4
FBI Season 4 ‘s most dramatic moments. Pic credit: CBS

FBI Season 4 is in an odd position as, technically, it hasn’t actually ended.

The Season 4 finale was to air May 24th with a powerful episode of Jubal handling his son involved in a possible school shooting. Sadly, real-life events forced that to be postponed. 

Thus, Season 4 had a shorter end than fans had hoped for. However, the season still provided some amazing action and drama for fans via some thrilling episodes.

It also had some wild turns that led to unexpected moments, including the loss of one agent and nearly another. That combined with powerful character turns to challenge the characters more. 

While fans await word on the Season 4 finale, it’s notable how the series developed, and Season 4 of FBI is the most powerful one yet for fans. 

10. One case, three teams

FBI Crossover
Julian McMahon, Roxy Sternberg, Miguel Gomez, Zeeko Zaki, and Missy Peregrym in the FBI crossover premiere event. Pic credit: CBS

FBI kicked off Season 4 with a fantastic three-part crossover that provided one thrilling adventure.

It all started with a murder in New York that had the agents stumbling onto a human trafficking ring. They brought in FBI: Most Wanted’s Crosby, who ended up shot.

That had Jess briefly blaming Maggie but still working with the team to track the millionaire involved with the ring.

That sent OA to Hungary to meet the FBI: International team to bring that corrupt millionaire down. OA personally escorted the man back to the U.S. to face justice. 

It was the crossover event that got fans going while showing how far the team will go to catch any criminal. 

9. Jubal and his son’s danger

Jeremy Sisto
Jeremy Sisto as Jubal faces a danger to his son on FBI. Pic credit: CBS

Jubal may be a top agent, but he’s a father first. That led to some major problems for him this year.

Visiting his ill son, Jubal was there when the hospital was hit by a cyberattack. 

It was the work of a hacker trying to get the FBI to investigate a serial killer. She wasn’t going to give up control until they did.

Jubal was intense with his son’s condition worsening, openly threatening the woman to try to get her to stop and had to be pulled back by Isobel.

The team caught the killer and Jubal’s son survived his surgery. But his intensity in trying to save his son proved Jubal’s love for family can overwhelm even a sharp agent. 

8. Maggie’s sister woes

FBI Maggie
Maggie (Missy Peregrym) embraces her sister Erin (Adrienne Rose Bengtsson) on FBI. Pic credit: CBS

Maggie tries to be all business on the job, but her personal life brought problems this year. 

Maggie was worried when her sister Erin was kicked out of rehab for her partying ways. She tried to help her out even as she worked on a case of a kidnapped child.

While overseeing a ransom drop, Maggie was distracted by a call about Erin suffering an overdose. That caused her to miss the kidnapper shooting both the victim’s father and a cop.

While Erin recovered, Jubal warned Maggie that her job could be on the line if this continued. Realizing Erin was in denial over her problems, Maggie bluntly cut her sister out of her life rather than enable her.

It was a tough lesson for Maggie on how some people can’t be helped no matter how hard you try. 

7. The team’s stunning loss

Jubal FBI
Jubal (Jeremy Sisto) connects with his girlfriend Rina (Kathleen Munroe) on FBI. Pic credit: CBS

The team had seen tough times before but never a loss like they endured at mid-season.

On a normal day, Rina was shot right before Jubal’s eyes, with the other agents targeted as well. 

It was the work of their old foe, drug lord Antonio Vargas, seeking revenge for his own family’s death. While the shooter was caught, the damage was done. 

A shocking turn came weeks later when Jubal learned Rina’s parents had turned off her life support. He never even got a chance to say goodbye to her. 

While he’s tried to move on since, Jubal still feels the pain of losing his girlfriend and her loss hitting the entire team hard. 

6. Wallace faces her past

FBI Wallace
Wallace (Katherine Renee Turner) talks to a young suspect on FBI. Pic credit: CBS

Season 4 saw Wallace having to face some tough challenges from her past as an NYPD cop.

The first was when someone began shooting police officers. Wallace learned it was the son of a cop wrongly accused of corruption, taking revenge on the cops who set him up.

Wallace was upset that the police force was willing to hush this up and went public about it herself.

Wallace then grew close to a kid involved with a batch of bank robbers, going far to help him. It turned out Wallace had killed the boy’s father in self-defense and was filled with guilt.

It showed Tiffany’s loyalty to the badge but still wanting to find justice on her own terms, yet that past haunted her. 

5. OA wrestling with his faith

OA (Zeeko Zaki) handles a tense showdown on FBI. Pic credit: CBS

OA has always had the issues of being a Muslim in the FBI, but those came up majorly in a tough case

When a murder led to his local mosque, OA found himself clashing with its Iman as well as Bashar, a mentor in the FBI who thought the place was a terrorist front. 

Bashar was willing to fake evidence and tried to get OA to go along with him, then cover up he’d been wrong on the suspect.

Bashar even dangled the offer of a promotion if OA denied Wallace’s claims of cops using undue force on a suspect. 

In the end, OA stuck to his principles to back up Wallace, costing him the promotion but happy to have chosen the right side for his true faith in justice. 

4. Isobel and her dad

Isobel (Alana de la Garza) confronts her father (Nestor Serrano) on FBI. Pic credit: CBS

Isobel doesn’t share much of her personal life but had to own up to it in a tricky investigation.

When a murdered woman showed signs of being the victim of a serial killer, the team focused on an MMA fighter staying at a ritzy hotel.

Isobel argued with the hotel’s lawyer, who turned out to be her long-estranged father, Robert. The pair never got along, with Robert never coming to Isobel’s mother’s funeral.

The conflict grew with Robert trying to block Isobel’s attempts to get more information and she had to play hardball for some information.

Yet, in the end, Robert asked Isobel for dinner and she accepted as the pair seemed ready to finally let go of the past and try to make a better future for themselves. 

3. Maggie in danger

Maggie (Missy Peregrym) is in danger as OA (Zeeko Zaki) tries to help on FBI Season 4. Pic credit: CBS

This was a dramatic way to write off Missy Peregrym with her real-life pregnancy.

Tracking a murder, the team realized the victim was tied into a plot to use sarin gas in New York City. Maggie and OA tracked the terrorist to a lab, where Maggie shot him in self-defense.

But a canister of sarin gas erupted and trapped Maggie in a lab. OA was able to break through to rescue her, but Maggie had been exposed.

While she would recover, it was going to take time with OA shaken by nearly losing his partner while Maggie was last seen in a coma.

Thankfully, she’ll be back in Season 5 but nearly losing this top agent was a huge shake-up for the show. 

2. A new agent joins

Shantel VanSanten
Shantel VanSanten joins FBI Season 4 as Nina Chase. Pic credit: CBS

With Maggie going down, the team needed to fill her shoes. Thankfully, they had an able replacement on hand.

While working on a drug case, Scola ran into Nina Chase (Shantel VanSanten), an FBI agent he’d worked with before. They’d also had a one-night stand with Scola never calling her back.

It was thus awkward for Scola when Nina joined the team, although they did their best to be professional. Nina showed her skills and drive while also handling living up to Maggie’s shoes.

She showed her grit working with Wallace on a case that revealed her tough upbringing and the pair overcoming their differences. 

While Nina is likely leaving when Maggie returns in Season 5, she was a bright presence to spark up the season. 

1.OA’s deadly hunt

OA (Zeeko Zaki) handles a major challenge on FBI Season 4. Pic credit: CBS

One of the later dramatic episodes of the series had OA facing his difficult past. 

While tracking the killers of a TSA agent, OA was convinced he’d seen a wanted terrorist his Army unit had hunted. However, the CIA claimed the man was dead. 

OA pushed the case with Nina worried it was becoming an obsession. Even Jubal doubted OA’s suspicions.

As it turned out, OA was right about the terrorist and they stopped him from bombing a plane. OA ended up killing the man in a fight.

It did lead OA to realize his anger was driving him too much and he sought out some therapy. It was a great storyline for OA to face up to his own problems. 

FBI Season 4 is streaming on Paramount Plus.

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