FBI recap: an agent is down courtesy of an old enemy

The FBI team dealt with an enemy targeting them on FBI Season 4. Pic credit: CBS

The FBI team found themselves in a nightmarish crosshairs this week. 

As one member was mortally wounded, the team was targeted by an old foe who wouldn’t stop. 

Even as they try to regroup, it’s clear the fallout of this attack will shake up the team for a long time to come. 

A deadly target is hit

Unfinished Business opened with Rina coming to meet Jubal outside her apartment, bantering about the scarf he was wearing.

Then, with no warning, a shot ran out, and Rina went down with a bullet wound in her chest as a horrified Jubal called for help.

As the rest of the team gathered and Rina was rushed to the hospital, Isobel urged Jubal to take time off, but he insisted on focusing on who shot Rina. 

Elise showed footage of someone lurking outside Rina’s apartment for a few days. It came up as Frank Castlewood (Khali Kain), a small-time crook. A SWAT team raided his apartment, where two call girls were startled at the attention, but Frank had just left. 

Maggie and OA tracked Castlewood, who shot at them as they quickly chased him down. They found a thick envelope of cash, but his gun wasn’t a match for the bullet that hit Rina. 

Jubal ignored Maggie and OA’s warnings to interrogate Castlewood with Isobel watching. Castlewood claimed to be in a hotel when Rina was shot. To the shock of the others, Jubal offered to drop charges against Castlewood for shooting at agents in exchange for information. Castlewood admitted he’d been paid to simply follow Rina, Jubal losing his cool to threaten him. 

As Isobel chewed Jubal out, he got word that Rina had suffered a brain hemorrhage during surgery. That pushed him to find images of another man stalking Rina, Logan Winters (Hamish Allan-Headley), who had been arrested on weapons charges but freed on appeal. He also just happened to have been cellmates with Castlewood but no connection to a federal case or Rina.

Making things complicated was that the case file was restricted. ATF agent Sanchez (Adrian Alvarado) related that Logan’s arrest was tied into a bigger case but was restricted from saying more. After OA bluffed him over knowing his boss, Sanchez related it was an investigation into gunrunner McCain (Nat Cassidy). 

Another agent down

As Rina’s condition worsened, the team staked out McCain’s place with Winters showing up. He quickly realized the FBI was there and took off with them in pursuit. However, Winters escaped by racing ahead of an oncoming train.

The team was able to track him to a nearby warehouse, but as Maggie and OA chased him, a bullet hit Maggie courtesy of a remote-controlled rifle inside an electrical box. OA shot the rifle box down while luckily, Maggie’s vest protected her. 

The team checked out the rifle’s electrical box and realized one just like it was outside Rina’s apartment. Ian showed how it used a camera and facial recognition software to identify Rina but that Jubal and practically everyone on the team and their families were also targets. All it took was a jammed magazine to spare Jubal from also being shot. 

Jubal wanted to “talk” to Castlewood, but Isobel ordered him to see Rina. She pressed Castlewood, who wanted a deal and was terrified “he” would find him in jail. 

At the hospital, Jubal wasn’t happy to see Rina’s ex-husband for a tense talk before returning to the office to focus on the case. Isobel told everyone their families were in protective custody, and the agents would wear masks outside just in case more facial rec guns were out there. 

The team raided McCain’s gun shop, Sanchez ticked off at them interfering with his case but changed his tune when he heard of the attacks on the families. Sanchez showed a secret hatch where a terrified McCain was hiding with another “gunbox.” 

An old foe returns

McCain had no problem rolling over on Winters, who had at least three more “gunboxes” with him. He revealed Winters was working for someone who wanted the team dead, and when he tried to back out, the man threatened to kill his family. That Winters, “who fears no one,” was terrified of this guy rocked McCain.

A shaken Elise brought up how, in prison, Winters worked in the same high-security wing as…Antonio Vargas (David Zayas). Who was patiently waiting for Jubal and Isobel to pay a visit. 

Vargas made it clear this wasn’t another escape attempt, just pure, utter revenge. It seemed when Isobel used Vargas’ family to force his capture, the word spread, and a rival gang murdered his wife and son, hanging their bodies from a bridge. “And soon, you will all feel the same pain I feel.”

With Vargas promising to never rest until the team was dead, no matter how many hitmen it took, the search was on for Winters. The team focused on a low-level inmate who had been forced to hide the phone Vargas used to contact Winters. 

The team quickly triangulated the phone signal to a bar where Winters was trying to set up another box, leading to a running gunfight. Winters took a hostage with Maggie volunteering to take the hostage’s place. That distracted Winters enough for OA to wound him with Jubal pressing on where the boxes were.

A wounded Winters managed to give up the locations, one positioned near Jubal’s son’s school. Jubal told Isobel that Vargas would not stop and suggested a “clerical error” send him to a prison packed with his enemies. She was horrified at the very idea as “we have to be better.”

Jubal saw Rina at the hospital for another confrontation with her ex, bringing up their past affair when he had a drinking problem. As he blamed himself, Rob gave him a “pep talk” on how selfish Jubal was, thinking this was all on him. He walked out, leaving Jubal looking at the bed-ridden Rina.

It’s obvious the fallout of this will continue to affect the FBI team when Season 4 continues as Vargas is still a threat, and Jubal’s rashness for revenge may cost him down the line.

FBI Season 4 returns with new episodes Tuesday, January 4, 2022, at 8/7c on CBS.

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