FBI confirms Missy Peregrym’s return episode

Missy Peregrym
Missy Peregrym as Maggie Bell on FBI. Pic credit: CBS

FBI fans are ready for a big surprise in November.

The November 15 episode will feature the long-awaited return of Missy Peregrym as Maggie Bell. 

The actress has been absent since late in Season 4 due to her real-life pregnancy. She had hoped to return for the start of Season 5, but that was delayed.

Maggie has been explained as recovering from a sarin gas attack. She’ll be returning just in time to track a case that involves the FBI Academy in Quantico.

There is no word yet on what this means for Shantel VanSanten, who has been filling in for Maggie as Agent Nina Chase. 

However, fans will be more than happy to see Maggie finally back on the job, even if it means some fallout from her ordeal.

When is Maggie returning to FBI?

FBI fans were taken by surprise when Missy Peregrym announced earlier this year that she was pregnant with her second child. 

The actress had been pregnant in Season 2 with Maggie written off by going on a special assignment. 

This time around, Maggie was trapped in a lab filled with sarin gas. While OA managed to rescue her, Maggie was in a brief coma before it was stated she was recovering.

Nina Chase (Shantel VanSanten) stepped in to take Maggie’s spot on the team. This led to a relationship with Scola (John Boyd). 

Peregrym announced she was taking more time off than expected but hoped to be back soon. Her return will be on the November 15 episode, titled Ready Or Not. 

As the synopsis states,  “Maggie returns from medical leave in time to help the team investigate the homicides of a law student on track to attend Quantico and a young man with possible gang ties. Also, an inadvertent revelation from Maggie to OA causes him to worry that his partner is rushing back into the job too quickly.” 

Zeeko Zaki had spoken in interviews about OA and Maggie having to adjust to her return and Maggie facing the long-term effects of her near-death experience. 

The cast had fun with a video welcoming Peregrym back on set. 

What happens to Nina Chase on FBI?

FBI will be taking a break until airing a special episode on Sunday, November 6. The show will not air on Tuesday, November 8, due to coverage of the midterm elections. 

The synopsis for that episode, Double Blind, states, “Nina struggles to open up to Scola on matters of their relationship.”

While the pair worked well together, Nina felt Scola’s judgment was affected when seeing her in danger.

This may be an excuse to write out Nina so Maggie can return full-time to the team. VanSanten said she would like to continue on the show for as long as possible. 

While fans may be sad to see Nina go, they’ll be more than happy to see Maggie back on the job, although her return may be rougher than anyone, including her, expects.

FBI Season 5 airs a special episode Sunday November 6 at 8:30/7:30c on CBS.

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