FBI: How long will Shantel VanSanten be on the show?

Shantel VanSanten
Shantel VanSanten as Agent Nina Chase on FBI. Pic credit: CBS

Shantel VanSanten is focusing on a possible longer run on FBI. 

The actress, who plays Special Agent Nina Chase in the CBS drama, is considering the possibility of her brief role being extended. 

Originally appearing as a one-episode character, Nina was added to the team when Maggie Bell was badly injured in a gas attack.

This was to accommodate Missy Peregrym’s pregnancy with Nina meant to be a temporary replacement. 

However, as production on Season 5 continues, Peregrym’s absence has been extended. That means that VanSanten will continue as Nina for longer.

Recently, the actress has indicated she may be open to returning to the show and extending Nina’s time on FBI.

Nina Chase and her FBI experience

Nina Chase first appeared in the episode One Night Stand as a contact Scola ran into on a murder case. 

A top agent, Nina and Scola had a brief fling a year earlier, with Scola never calling her back. There was also tension on Nina wanting to bust a bigger crook and not happy about the main FBI team interfering.

In the end, Scola saved Nina’s life from an ambush, and she agreed to at least go out for dinner with him. 

When Maggie was poisoned in a sarin gas attack and in the hospital, Nina took her place as a temporary fill-in, which surprised Scola.

Nina proved her toughness and even willing to take it to OA (Zeeko Zaki) when she was worried about his obsession with capturing a terrorist. 

While this was meant to be a brief role, it now seems Nina is sticking with the show longer. 

VanSanten on Nina’s future with FBI

Shantel VanSanten was a familiar face for television viewers thanks to roles on the CW series One Tree Hill and The Flash. She also currently stars in the Apple TV+ drama For All Mankind

The original plan was for Missy Peregrym to return from her pregnancy in time for Season 5. However, in a recent post, Peregrym confirmed she wouldn’t return until September, meaning Maggie would still be off the show until at least midseason.

Thus, VanSanten’s run on the show has been extended as Nina will still be on the job when Season 5 begins.

The actress has settled in, including sharing plenty of pics from the set.

Talking to TV Line, VanSanten shed more insight into how long she will continue as Nina and if the role might become a regular. 

“The plan was always to do these 10 episodes while [Missy] got to have her baby and recover, and then she’ll be back.”

When asked about the possibility of Nina remaining or returning down the road, the actress added, “I think the door is open, and I’m excited to see where that might lead.” 

VanSanten is busy with other roles as For All Mankind has been renewed for a fourth season. However, it may be possible for her to return as Nina in a recurring role if her schedule matches up.

Either way, the actress appears happy that what was meant to be a brief role has now turned into a larger one as FBI prepares to kick off Season 5 with Nina showing her stuff.

FBI Season 5 premieres Tuesday September 20 at 8/7c on CBS.

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