FBI adds recurring guest star as Maggie’s replacement

Shantel VanStaten
Shantel VanSanten joins FBI Season 4 as Nina Chase. Pic credit: CBS

FBI is about to get a new agent…who audiences have already met. 

Shantel VanSanten will reprise her role as Special Agent Nina Chase for the remainder of Season 4. She’ll be filling in for the injured Maggie while Missy Peregrym is on maternity leave. 

This means Scola (John Boyd) is now in the interesting position of working alongside a former flame who he hopes becomes a current one. 

Maggie’s absence on FBI Season 4

The latest episode of FBI, Fear Nothing, had Maggie and OA (Zeeko Zaki) hunting a radical plan to use sarin gas in an attack. Maggie managed to kill the man only to be sealed inside a lab with a sarin canister.

OA was able to rescue Maggie, but she had been exposed to the gas for some time. She was last seen unconscious in the hospital but seemed to hear OA’s words of encouragement.

The reason for this storyline is Missy Peregrym is expecting her second child this summer and needs maternity leave. The actress shared an emotional video to fans confirming she will be gone for the remainder of Season 4 but will be back. 

“Hi, you guys, I just wanted to say that today is my last day of Season 4, so don’t be afraid when you see this last episode. I promise you I am coming back next season. I’m having a baby, and I’m really grateful to be a part of the show and have a family, so I will see you next season. Thank you for watching our show.”

There was a question of who would take Maggie’s place. When Peregrym was pregnant in Season 2, Maggie was written off by being sent on a special assignment. The producers had Tracy Spiradakos take Maggie’s place as her Chicago P.D. character Hailey Upton

Showrunner Rick Eid had promised there would be a “surprise character” filling Maggie’s spot. It now turns out to be an agent audience had already met just one episode before Maggie’s exit.

Who is Nina Chase and who plays her?

In One Night Stand, an investigation into a murder led Scola to run into Nina Chase, an undercover FBI agent. The pair worked to bring down a drug dealer, but there was friction as Nina wanted the big boss while Isobel wanted to catch another crook. 

Another complication was that Scola and Nina had a one-night stand a year earlier. However, Scola never called her back, leading to tension in the case.

In the end, Scola saved Nina’s life during a shootout. He apologized to her and asked her on another date, insisting he’d changed. After hesitating, Nina accepted a dinner invitation. 

Playing Nina was Shantel VanSanten, known for her roles on the CW dramas One Tree Hill and The Flash. She currently stars in the AppleTV+ series For All Mankind. 

VanSanten confirmed the news on her Instagram feed while showing pictures of herself on set.

“Finally can tell you guys the awesome news!!!! While Nina may not look excited I AM…. Honored to be joining to @fbicbs family for awhile! @mperegrym I got your back till you return mama! #NinaDontPlay”

The role is expected to only be for the rest of Season 4, with Peregrym returning in the fall while VanSanten is busy with other roles. However, it will be an interesting new dynamic.

Nina will have to handle partnering with OA, who is still reeling from Maggie’s absence. There’s also how she and Scola are navigating a relationship while now co-workers. 

While Maggie will return, Nina appears to be a capable substitute to keep FBI Season 4 rolling along well.

FBI Season 4 airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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