FBI season finale: Crossover episode with Chicago P.D. ends season early

FBI Crossover Cast
The FBI and FBI: Most Wanted casts had a recent crossover event. Pic credit: CBS

The FBI season finale arrived far before anyone wanted it to take place.

Due to a halt in production that happened from the health crisis being felt around the world, the next episode of FBI is the season finale.

Season 2, Episode 19 airs on Tuesday, March 31. It is called “Emotional Rescue,” and it is going to have viewers asking a lot of questions about what is taking place.

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FBI season finale crossover

Dick Wolf is the executive producer for a lot of shows currently on television. In addition to FBI and FBI: Most Wanted, he is also the man behind the One Chicago shows over on NBC.

Due to his connection to other shows on other networks, Wolf has been able to bring a character from Chicago P.D. over to FBI. On Tuesday night, the character of Hailey Upton from Chicago P.D. will join the FBI cast.

It’s definitely an interesting follow-up to the crossover episodes that FBI and FBI: Most Wanted fans enjoyed last week.

For FBI fans who don’t watch Chicago P.D., this may seem like any other guest-starring appearance on the show. It’s just someone new for OA (Zeeko Zaki) to work with for an episode.

But for fans who also watch Chicago P.D., this could be a really neat treat when she shows up on Tuesday night. On her other show, her boss assigned her to the FBI to help out, and that’s where the story will pick up on March 31.

FBI Season 2 finale details

According to CBS, the FBI team is going to be investigating a drug deal that has gone bad. The team is called in after the body of a college student has been found.

Detective Hailey Upton (Tracy Spiridakos from Chicago P.D.) is going to be temporarily joining the team to help out. However, her investigative methods are going to clash with how the Bureau does things.

Over on Chicago P.D., Detective Upton works for a team called Intelligence that skirts the lines of justice to bring in the worst types of bad guys.

Sometimes the lines between right and wrong get blurred by the team. That won’t work quite as well with the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

It will be fun to see this wrinkle take place during the FBI Season 2 finale. The downside is that this wasn’t supposed to be the season finale, and it could lead to a clunky conclusion to the season.

From there, it will be a long wait until the show possibly has Season 3 episodes airing in the fall.

FBI airs Tuesday nights at 9/8c on CBS.

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