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Family Reunion dedications: Why does each episode have a tribute?

Family Reunion dedications
Family Reunion has dedications at the end of each episode — but why? Pic credit: Netflix

Last week Netflix debuted brand new sitcom Family Reunion on its streaming platform.

The show follows the McKellan family who come to visit Georgia during a family reunion and stay in the house of the lovingly ferocious M’Dear (Played by Loretta Devine). While staying for all the family fun, they miss the smalltown feel so much that they decide to make the visit permanent.

In an interesting twist, each episode contains a dedication to someone just before the credits roll. For example, at the end of episode 1, it states, “Dedicated to my brother from another mother, Michael Ajakwe Jr.”

But what is the purpose behind the Family Reunion dedications? Monsters and Critics exclusively found out the reason for these tributes on every episode.

Why are there Family Reunion dedications every episode?

The explanation for the dedications makes them all the more touching. Monsters & Critics reached out to Netflix about the tributes, and a spokeswoman revealed that each writer used on the show was given the chance to offer a dedication at the end of their episode to “a family member of someone important to them”.

“Each Family Reunion writer was given the opportunity to dedicate their episode to a family member or someone important to them, living or deceased. The first episode is dedicated to the late writer Michael Ajakwe. The last episode is dedicated to Meg’s godchild Nicole, who died last year at the age of 22.”

The “Meg” being referenced is none other than Meg DeLoatch, the show’s creator. She has also worked on classic sitcoms such as Malcolm & Eddie, Family Matters, and the Netflix reboot of Fuller House.

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It was already meaningful to have tributes for each episode but having the context adds to the poignancy.

Emotional tributes aside, the series — one of the few shows right now that has put together a writers room made up solely of African American talent — is wholesome fun for families seeking something to enjoy on Netflix during the Summer break. This show is an enjoyable comedy for teens as well as adults alike.

All 10 episodes of Family Reunion are streaming on Netflix now.

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  1. I love this show!! Because it is based on Georgia, where I am from. I live in Denver, CO. Forv24 years now. I love the culture, the history shared and the dedications. I Google it to find out about them. That is so cool. And having an all African Ametican writing team is so great. I love this show. I knowvI said that already. Way to go y’all.


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