Chicago P.D. Season 9, Episode 19 promo released for next new installment

New Voight PD Chicago
Jason Beghe as Hank Voight from Chicago P.D. Season 9. Pic credit: Lori Allen/NBCUniversal

Chicago P.D. is back on Wednesday night with an all-new episode from Season 9.

From the TV promo that was released, it appears that Intelligence is going to be dealing with a new stand-alone case on the night.

On the latest episode of Chicago P.D., a new recruit worked with Intelligence. The character worked well on the show, and Chicago P.D. fans got to see Benjamin Levy Aguilar play Dante Torres for the first time.

For the next episode, the promo and the synopsis indicate that it will be Atwater who serves as the focus of the story, as he and Intelligence try to deal with a new criminal(s).

Chicago P.D. Season 9, Episode 19 synopsis

“After the murder of a wealthy Chicago man, Atwater and the team dig in to uncover the truth, suspecting there is more to the story than meets the eye,” reads the synopsis for the new Chicago P.D. episode called Fool’s Gold.

TV promo for new Chicago P.D. episode

Below is the promo that NBC is currently running for the April 20 episode of Chicago P.D. That’s when Fool’s Gold will debut on the network.

More news from One Chicago

Even though there are more episodes left to air this spring, the big One Chicago finale date has been announced by NBC. It’s very likely that we could see a cliffhanger or two with the way the shows have been building up this season.

For Chicago P.D., there have been a number of hints about someone new becoming a full-time member of Intelligence by the time Season 10 begins, so maybe the upcoming episodes will reveal specific clues about that.

A member of the Chicago Med cast also just left the show, which came as a bit of a surprise to a lot of fans. The show did a great job at writing out the character, even though it wasn’t made very clear that they would never be coming back.

For anyone who hasn’t heard the intriguing news, an idea about a Chicago Fire and Chicago Med crossover came up when the showrunners were talking to the media. It definitely seems like something that would be must-see television if the two shows can figure out a way to do a true crossover again. The delay in having one this television season was due to ongoing pandemic protocols.

Chicago P.D. airs Wednesdays at 10/9c on NBC.

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9 months ago

why not Adam and Kim together? Do not want to see Kim as a punching bag and all black and blue get over this. do not to see Adam as a want to be bad boy who get used over and over again. Best couple on Tv sooooooooooooo why not together ?