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Ethan Chicago Med Season 8
Brian Tee as Ethan Choi on Chicago Med Season 8. Pic credit: George Burns Jr/NBCUniversal

Chicago Med returned for a new episode of the show on Wednesday night, with this one focusing on some new interns that have started their rotations.

On the season premiere for Chicago Med, viewers saw the aftermath of the fire at Dr. Will Halstead’s apartment building. We then learned that undercover cop Jo died from her gunshot injuries.

It was also heavily hinted at during the episode that people were leaving their jobs, but some Chicago Med spoilers later confirmed that two main characters have now left the show.

Heading into the second installment for Season 8, the TV promos revealed that interns would be descending upon Med and that they would be bringing a lot of chaos with them. That’s exactly what happened on Wednesday night.

The new episode opened with Halstead finding out that he was going to be fined $700 per day until he got his building up to code. And through conversations about it, we found out that a month had now passed since the fire.

He wanted to rebuild, but Dr. Hannah Asher said he should just tear it down and move on with life. At the very end of the episode, he actually did decide to level it all.

Then, we saw Dr. Dean Archer visiting his son in jail, and the first conversation they have had in the past 15 years did not go well. Dean wanted to get his son a better lawyer, saying that Sean was giving up on things too easily, leading to an argument and Sean cutting off the conversation. Dean returned to apologize toward the end of the night.

Chicago Med Season 8, Episode 2 recap

Supply chain disruptions were of primary concern on the new Chicago Med episode called (Caught Between) The Wrecking Ball and The Butterfly. It forced the hospital to make some important decisions based on supplies they had on hand.

Dr. Crockett Marcel and new intern Kai Tanaka-Reed had a patient who suffered gunshot wounds to the leg, but they needed a dye to see what they were working with. Unfortunately, the only dye available was going to be used on a patient with a possible head issue.

Kai, trying to show what he could do as the new surgical resident, tried a risky procedure and almost killed the patient, leading to an angry Crockett who did figure out a way to save him. Despite Crockett saving the patient, Kai felt he deserved the credit, and he complained to human resources.

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Halstead, Asher, and Dr. Daniel Charles were all working on a woman who was having possible psych problems, leading to her crashing her car and injuring her son. It was a struggle to get permission to treat her son’s broken arm while also treating her. They eventually figured out that she had a tumor impacting her behavior and decision-making.

Archer and Dr. Ethan Choi tried to help an ALS patient who had been diagnosed by Archer years prior. They disagreed on how to treat the patient, but Archer wanted to do anything he could to save him, even if it was not what the patient wanted.

The patient wanted to do everything possible to avoid ending up on a ventilator so as not to be a problem for the rest of his family, but Archer’s decisions led to that exact outcome. This is a storyline that will be addressed again later.

Elsewhere, Vanessa wanted Maggie to go to lunch with her and Maggie’s ex, but Maggie was very hesitant. When Ben showed up to take Maggie to lunch, we all learned that she had not told her husband that she had reunited Vanessa with her father. When she finally told Ben the truth, months after connecting Vanessa to her father, he was not pleased.

Regarding the new interns, the Chicago Med cast now features Devin Kawaoka as Kai Tanaka-Reed and Connor Perkins as Zach Hudgins. Kai has problems with authority, while Connor seems lost, as he did a lot of his training online due to COVID-19. Ethan volunteered to put Connor through a “boot camp” of help.

Chicago Med airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on NBC.

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