Chicago Fire Season 9, Episode 8: New episode called Escape Route

Chicago Fire Cast In Action
The Chicago Fire cast has more exciting stories to tell in Season 9. Pic credit: Adrian S. Burrows Sr./NBCUniversal

The title for Chicago Fire Season 9, Episode 8 was finally released by NBC. It is going to be called Escape Route, and it will bring an end to another long winter hiatus for the show.

Delays in production had been expected due to safety protocols put in place during the coronavirus pandemic. And yet, it has still been frustrating to have so many gaps between new episodes.

On the last episode of Chicago Fire, the team dealt with a fire that was deliberately set at a homeless camp. Casey had ties to a man who was injured and later died, creating a scenario where Casey and Severide put their investigative skills to the test again. They solved the arson by the time the hour was up.

Elsewhere in that episode, after receiving a pep talk from Stella Kidd, Sylvie Brett went to the other firehouse and asked out Lieutenant Greg Grainger. A new character to the show, Grainger agreed to the date with Brett, which means the show could return with them already being a couple.

Chicago Fire Season 9, Episode 8 air date

The Chicago Fire episode called Escape Route will air for the first time on Wednesday, March 10. It will be part of a night of new episodes for each of the One Chicago programs. NBC is holding back the synopsis for the episode, suggesting something big could be happening or that someone specific is guest-starring.

The night of March 10 begins with a new character joining the Chicago Med cast. It will present an interesting situation in the ED and it might help Dr. Ethan Choi finally get his stress under control.

Chicago P.D. will bring the night of March 10 to a close with an episode centered on Ruzek and Atwater trying to arrest a high-profile offender and finding resistance as they try to get him back to the station.

Upcoming repeat episodes of Chicago Fire

Before the One Chicago return date of March 10, Chicago Fire will be airing two previously seen episodes to cover February 24 and March 3 on the NBC primetime schedule.

Smash Therapy airs again on February 24 and the episode synopsis reads as follows, “A mishap on the aerial ladder in the midst of a fire rescue leaves Mouch shaken and questioning his abilities. Kidd looks for support from Severide while Casey and Brett discuss their future.”

On March 3, NBC is reshowing the Chicago Fire episode called Funny What Things Remind Us, and the synopsis reads as follows, “While completing a task assigned to him by headquarters, Boden makes an unforeseen connection. When the firehouse is called to the site of a construction explosion, Gallo is forced to make a surprise rescue to one of their own. Mouch reignites an old feud.”

Chicago Fire airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on NBC.

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2 years ago

I would like to see Silvie move on to someone else. Her and Casey have no future.