Chicago Med return date: New episode synopsis revealed for Season 6

April And Will Chicago Med
April and Will now have a big secret on Chicago Med. Pic credit: Elizabeth Sisson/NBCUniversal

The Chicago Med return date for Season 6, Episode 8 was just revealed by NBC and it gives fans something exciting to look forward to.

All three One Chicago shows are on another winter hiatus, with the break forced upon viewers due to the extra time it has been taking to film and produce episodes for the current seasons.

When last we saw the Chicago Med cast in action, Dr. Ethan Choi was having a medical emergency in the ED. It turned out that he had tried to go through gallbladder surgery and then get back to work on the same day. That led to some negative consequences in regard to his health.

The last episode also saw Dr. Will Halstead making some questionable decisions about the trial he has been working on. Will the knowledge he attained when one of his patients got sick help or harm the trial going forward? We think it’s safe to assume that question will get answered very soon.

Chicago Med Season 6, Episode 8 synopsis

The next new episode of Chicago Med is called Fathers and Mothers, Daughters and Sons. It will air for the first time on Wednesday, March 10, marking the return date for all three Chicago-based shows on NBC.

Below is the full synopsis that NBC just released ahead of the new episode debuting:

“Ethan hires an old Navy colleague to join him in the ED. A final custody hearing threatens to separate Charles and his daughter. Maggie must make a choice that will change Auggie’s life.”

We already know who the new doctor is going to be in the ED, as it is a celebrity joining the Chicago Med cast as Dr. Dean Archer. We didn’t know when Archer would make his first appearance on the show, but that information is now public.

It will be very interesting to see if this is the person that Choi was speaking about with Dr. Charles earlier this season and if Archer ends up being the person who can help ground Choi moving forward. That could help with the stress that could kill him if Choi doesn’t figure things out.

More news from One Chicago

Over at Chicago Fire, one of the actresses just took over the lead when it comes to appearing in the most episodes of the show. Monica Raymund — she played Gabriela Dawson for many years — had been at the top of that list when it came to actresses starring on the show. Now she’s not.

Chicago Med airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on NBC.

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