Chicago Med cast: Who plays Dr. Dean Archer on Season 6?

Steven Weber
Steven Weber has joined the Chicago Med Season 6 cast. Pic credit: @ImageCollect.com/admedia

A new doctor is coming to Chicago Med for Season 6 and he has direct ties to Dr. Ethan Choi.

As we recently reported, this is likely the character that Choi was referring to when he spoke to Dr. Charles about a commanding officer that had stern words for him while in the military.

Actor Brian Tee, who plays Dr. Choi on the Chicago Med cast, had some key things to say about how the new doctor is going to impact the show.

“He’s going be there to help, but he sticks his head into places where he shouldn’t, and there’s going to be a huge conflict and messes he’ll actually make that Ethan has to come back and try to fix,” Tee said about new character Dr. Dean Archer. “So it’s going to be a really cool, wonderful arc as our season progresses forward.”

Who plays Dr. Dean Archer on the Chicago Med cast?

Long-time television viewers will immediately recognize the face of actor Steven Weber when he first appears as Dr. Dean Archer on the Chicago Med cast.

Weber is probably still best known for Brian Michael Hackett on the hit sitcom, Wings. He starred on the show for many years, but he has also appeared on quite a few other television programs as well.

In 1997, Weber appeared in the made-for-TV adaptation of Stephen King’s, The Shining. The film held its own but wasn’t quite as good as the Jack Nicholson version.

Weber recently starred as Principal Gary Bohn on 13 Reasons Why, as Julian Anderson on Ballers, and as Patrick with a recurring role on the CBS comedy, Mom. He also recently starred on NCIS: New Orleans for a while as Douglas Hamilton.

In addition to various other television roles, Weber was seen in the films Single White Female, Inside Out, and At First Sight.

Joining the Chicago Med cast, Steven Weber should make an impact right away, as he has a strong on-screen presence and is easily able to convey a believable character, no matter what role he plays.

Upcoming Chicago Med episode

The next new episode of Chicago Med Season 6 will feature the return of Dr. Noah Sexton to the cast. Played by Roland Buck III, Noah is a character that always seems to get into trouble on the show.

From the early promos for the new episode, it looks like Noah will be in danger of also getting sister April Sexton and new ED chief Dr. Ethan Choi in trouble as well.

Chicago Med airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on NBC.

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