Actress from Chicago Fire cast sets new mark for most episodes

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The Chicago Fire cast is still going strong after all these years. Pic credit: Mark Seliger/NBCUniversal

A new actress is at the top of the Chicago Fire cast list when it comes to appearing on the most episodes of the show. It’s a mark that was just surpassed with the latest episode, and that number is expected to keep growing.

Dead of Winter was the 140th episode for actress Kara Killmer. She plays Sylvie Brett on the show and has been doing so since 2014, with fans still hoping that Brett ends up with Matt Casey.

In addition to all of her Chicago Fire episodes, Killmer has also appeared on 16 episodes of Chicago Med and 10 episodes of Chicago P.D.

She has been good at popping up during mini crossovers but has also been a focal point during a few three-show crossover events.

When Chicago Fire Season 9 continues, it is expected that Killmer will get even more screen time as her character starts dating Lieutenant Greg Grainger of a neighboring firehouse.

That’s definitely going to throw a wrench into the Brett-Casey relationship dynamic.

Chicago Fire cast: Most episode appearances

Before Kara Killmer took the top spot for most episode appearances by an actress on the show, Monica Raymund held the record.

From 2012 to 2019, Raymund appeared in 139 episodes as Gabriela Dawson. Dawson was married to Casey, but the relationship came to an end when she decided to go help out in Puerto Rico following a devastating hurricane.

The actress who has now appeared in the third-most episodes of the show is Miranda Rae Mayo. She plays Stella Kidd and has now appeared in 103 total episodes since she joined the show in 2016.

As for the Chicago Fire cast members who have appeared in the most episodes of the show, that might be easy for die-hard fans to guess. At the top of the list are Jesse Spencer (Matthew Casey) and Taylor Kinney (Kelly Severide), who has appeared in all 186 episodes.

Right behind the primary leads are four actors who have appeared in 185 episodes so far. They are Christian Stolte (Mouch), Eamonn Walker (Chief Boden), Joe Minoso (Cruz), and Randy Flagler (Cap).

David Eigenberg (Christopher Herrmann) has been in 183 episodes, and Yuri Sardarov (Otis) was in 161 episodes before he left the show.

Many more episodes of Chicago Fire to come

There are still a lot of Chicago Fire Season 9 episodes left to air this winter and spring, but we can already look forward to Chicago Fire Season 10 in the fall.

NBC has already renewed all three One Chicago shows, meaning future Wednesday nights will keep showing new episodes of Chicago Med, Chicago Fire, and Chicago P.D.

Chicago Fire airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on NBC.

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