Chicago Fire led the way for final One Chicago 2024 TV ratings, Chicago Med and Chicago P.D. still very strong

Tracy Spiridakos Red Carpet
Tracy Spiridakos used to star as Hailey Upton on Chicago P.D. Pic credit: © Purvis/AdMedia

Chicago Fire, Chicago Med, and Chicago P.D. are still huge hits for NBC.

Despite a downturn in television ratings for the top shows, One Chicago still brings in millions of viewers each week.

Even the trio of Wednesday night shows has seen a decrease in overall viewership, but they still rank among the most-watched shows on TV.

Fans were treated to abbreviated seasons of the hit dramas this past winter and spring. It happened because of the two Hollywood strikes that bled into the fall months.

Each show was renewed, and those new episodes will roll out in the fall of 2024 on NBC – likely around the end of September.

Fans have debated how the shows are doing with stars recently exiting, but let’s look at how Med, Fire, and P.D. stacked up this spring.

Chicago Fire is one of the most-watched shows on television

A ranking of the most-watched shows was recently updated to reflect what happened during the 2023-2024 television season.

Sports led the way again, with NFL coverage dominating the top few spots. That’s expected with the success of Monday Night Football on ABC and Sunday Night Football on NBC.

But you don’t have to go far down the list to find Chicago Fire. The firefighting drama finished No. 8 overall and No. 5 in scripted shows for this past year.

That’s an impressive revelation for a show in its 12th season, with an estimated 8.8 million viewers tuning in each week.

Down the list a bit more was Chicago Med at No. 12 overall and No. 9 in scripted shows. The medical drama turned in an estimated 8.2 million viewers per week.

Chicago P.D. rolls in at No. 13 overall and No. 10 for scripted shows. Even in what might be considered a down year when compared to its best seasons, the police drama had an estimated 7.96 million viewers each week.

Below is a chart for the season finales of each primetime television show. Chicago P.D. had an amazing turnout for the final episode of Tracy Spiridakos (she played Detective Hailey Upton).

More news from the world of One Chicago

Chicago Fire recently revealed some casting news for Season 13. The hit drama returns to its 9/8c time slot on Wednesday nights this fall.

Jesse Lee Soffer also returns to TV this fall. He played Detective Jay Halstead on Chicago P.D. Now, the actor shifts to a new hit show on NBC.

Several Chicago P.D. stars also reunited for tea recently.

Previous seasons of the One Chicago shows are streaming on Peacock. This gives fans a chance to catch up on any missed episodes from recent years.

Chicago Med, Chicago Fire, and Chicago P.D. are on hiatus at NBC.

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Barbara Rabie
Barbara Rabie
1 day ago

I love these 3 shows. My mom was born in chicago.