Big Brother Veto Ceremony today: What will POV winner do?

Tommy And Holly On BB21
Tommy Bracco and Holly Allen chatting during a Big Brother 21 episode. Pic credit: Robert Voets/CBS

The Big Brother Veto Ceremony will take place later on Monday. This is where the POV winner reveals whether or not they are going to use the Golden Power of Veto.

As seen on the Sunday night episode of the show, Jessica Milagros won the Head of Household Competition for the week. She decided to put Jackson Michie and Jack Matthews on the block.

Jack and Michie may no longer be aligned, especially with the implosion of the Six Shooters alliance taking place. A chance existed for them to both survive the block, but one of the Jack’s had to win the POV this week.

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Jessica continued keeping that power, as she then won the Veto Competition. That ended the hopes of a Six Shooters alliance reunion.

Jessica hosts Veto Ceremony on Monday

At some point on Monday, likely earlier in the day, the producers will tell Jessica that it is time for the Veto Ceremony. She will then call the other houseguests to the Living Room and announce what she is doing with the necklace.

Some viewers had wondered if Christie Murphy could use her power in a way to save both Jack and Michie from the block, but her Panic Power wouldn’t work in this situation. Instead, it is entirely up to Jessica to decide.

It makes sense for Jessica to stick with her original plan to leave the nominations the same. That would force the house to choose between evicting Jack and Jackson.

Stay tuned, because Jessica is about to set the stage for who the BB21 cast chooses to send to the jury on Thursday night. You can pass the time by taking part in the Big Brother voting poll.

Big Brother airs CBS episodes on Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

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