Big Brother 20 winner: Who won BB20, Kaycee Clark or Tyler Crispen?

Tyler, JC, and Kaycee in the Big Brother kitchen
The final three from Big Brother 20. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 20 officially ended tonight. After weeks of watching 16 houseguests battle for a chance to win $500,000, the jury members finally chose a winner.

After Angela was evicted last Thursday night, the final three houseguests were revealed. JC, Kaycee, and Tyler were left standing. Of course, only two of them would be facing the jury after battling it out in three separate Head of Household competitions.

The first Head of Household competition was endurance and all three Big Brother houseguests played together. JC was the first one out and after losing her stamina, Kaycee was eliminated as well. Tyler automatically shot to round three to battle it out tonight.

Part two of the Head of Household competition was endurance mixed with mental, something that was upsetting to JC. He complained and complained about how unfair it was, and of course, he lost to Kaycee. This put her against Tyler tonight to find out who would be the reigning Head of Household as Big Brother 20 came to a close.

As part three of the Head of Household competition got underway, Kaycee and Tyler were ready to battle it out. Going into this they both promised they would choose the other to take to the final two, so JC would be the evicted houseguest.

Kaycee was able to snag the final Head of Household win after she and Tyler went to a tiebreaker. She was only 12 away from the actual answer, winning the round and sealing her spot to sit in front of the journey. As promised, Kaycee took Tyler to the final two with her.

The jury was surprisingly easy on Tyler and Kaycee. Bayleigh was definitely bitter about what happened between her and Tyler. During the questions, it wasn’t immediately clear who would be the winner, though social media seemed to believe it would be Tyler.

Julie Chen pulled the keys and read the votes. They fell as follows —
Angela- Tyler
Sam- Kaycee
Brett- Tyler
Haleigh- Tyler
Scottie- Kaycee
Faysal- Kaycee-
Rockstar- Kaycee
Bayleigh- Kaycee

By a vote of 5 to 4, Kaycee officially wins Big Brother 20.

Season 21 of Big Brother will premiere next summer.

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