American Horror Story ‘Double Feature’ will be split into two parts, here’s the breakdown

The theme for Season 10 of FX's American Horror Story is 'Double Feature'
The theme for Season 10 of American Horror Story is “Double Feature.” Pic credit: FX

Viewers have known for quite some time now that Season 10 of American Horror Story will be split into two parts. Now, the breakdown via the episodes has been confirmed.

One of the series co-creators, Ryan Murphy, had already confirmed via his official Instagram account that Season 10 will occur both “by the sea” and “by the sand.” The series will also feature aliens and mythical sea creatures as well.

As previously reported by Monsters and Critics, the tenth installment of AHS will be titled Double Feature and broken up into two parts. The first part is titled “Red Tide” and will focus on the watery element of the theme.

Then, it will follow up with Part 2: Death Valley. This will look at the “sand” part, which will also likely delve into the alien element of Season 10.

Season 10 of AHS will feature 10 episodes split into two parts

According to Deadline, Season 10 of American Horror Story will see the Red Tide section running for six episodes. The second half will fill the remaining four episodes. This was confirmed by the FX network’s chairman John Landgraf during the recent TCA virtual summer press tour.

“They are both excellent,” Landgraf revealed. “I’ve seen the cuts for the first one. I’ve only read the scripts for the second one but I think they are both really good.”

Eric Schrier, who is the president of FX Entertainment, also stated that he was “excited about [the two features] coming up.”

Promo image for Season 10 of FX's American Horror Story
Promo image for Season 10 of American Horror Story. Pic credit: FX

A new trailer reveals the upcoming storyline for AHS

Considering the first part of American Horror Story will delve into the nautical part of the Season 10 theme, a new trailer was also recently released that doubled down on this.

In addition to the trailer, the title of Episode 1 has been confirmed as “Cape Fear.”

This not only gives further merit to the watery theme but also may harken back to the classic movie with the same title. However, as seen in the trailer, Double Feature will follow the story of a writer rather than a public defender.

Angelica Ross, who starred in American Horror Story: 1984, revealed back in May that she would feature in the upcoming season.

“I honestly was just super excited to get back to work, once I started reading the script for the first six episodes,” she said.

At the time, she said these episodes made up the first half of Double Feature, leading to the assumption that there would be 12 episodes in total. However, that has changed now with today’s news.

Season 10 of American Horror Story will premiere on Wednesday, August 25, 2021, at 10/9c on FX.

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