American Horror Story: Season 10 trailer shows terrifying sea creatures and aliens colliding

Two mythologies collide in Season 10 of FX's American Horror Story
Two mythologies collide in Season 10 of American Horror Story. Pic credit: FX

Very little has been released so far regarding Season 10 of FX’s American Horror Story. Billed only as “Double Feature,” the next installment appears to be some sort of mash-up between sand and sea — and aliens.

When the theme was released, the tagline, “Two horrifying stories … one season,” was also shared. In the short clip shared to creator Ryan Murphy’s official Instagram account, it was also confirmed that the story would, essentially, be split into two stories, “one by the sea,” the other “by the sand.”

That didn’t really give a lot away and obviously gave the creators great scope in the direction that Season 10 of AHS would be going. Then, more recently, a new poster was released.

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It showed an alien and some other creature with pointed teeth in an embrace. As they leaned in to kiss, a black pill was seen on the tongue of the creature that many have described as a vampire.

Now, a new trailer gives viewers a ton more information regarding not only these two creatures but the upcoming storyline as well.

Season 10 trailer for American Horror Story

The trailer was released via social media and detailed the collision of the two parts of Double Feature, giving a clearer idea of what to expect in Season 10.

The two creatures are shown, followed by brief snippets of the season. The clip then announces that Part 1 of AHS: Double Feature will be titled “Red Tide.”

Various shots of the vampire-like creatures that are more likely mermen are shown as well as plenty of water shots, revealing that these creatures are the water element of Season 10.

One shot, in particular, shows the creature breaking free from ice, potentially giving away a plot point.

Could it be possible that these creatures are released from the ice because of global warming? Only time will likely tell.

Part 2 is titled Death Valley and looks set to be the inland part of the story. The aliens appear to reside here and, because of the title, the potential is there that a trip to Area 51 will be explored in this season of American Horror Story.

American Horror Story: Double Feature Season 10 Teaser | 'Bad Omen' | Rotten Tomatoes TV

New image of an alien/merman combo

Murphy also shared a new image for the upcoming season of American Horror Story.

The image shows both the alien and merman merged into one creature. The alien is the top half and the landscape surrounding it is definitely aligned with the “sand” part of Double Feature. The bottom half of the head dips underwater and it is here that the jagged teeth of the sea creature are shown.

Season 10 of American Horror Story will premiere on Wednesday, August 25, 2021, at 10/9c on FX.

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